A little Swedish summer in Second Life

Noweeta, May 2021 – click and image for full size

Back in December in 2020, I dropped into Kaja Ashland’s Snoweeta, a charming winter build engaging in its simplicity as it offered a glimpse of Skåne, the southern most county (or län) of Sweden (see A Little Swedish Inspiration in Second Life).

I recently made a recent return to the region at the suggestion of Shawn Shakespeare, who informed me the region has now lost the snow present at the time of my first visit to offer a taste of summer. With the passing of the snow, the “S” has gone from the setting’s name, allowing it to once again become Noweeta.

Noweeta, May 2021

The arrival of summer has brought with it gentle changes to the setting that further enhance it and offer a further reason for a visit, whilst keeping many of the features present back in December 2020, their presence giving the region a depth of place.

At the time of my first trip to the region, I wondered if Kaja has based the setting on an actual location within Skåne, given it apparently sits between the small Baltic townships of Ystad and Simrishamn, musing that it might be one of the roads Henning Mankell’s dour-faced Inspector Kurt Wallander might actually drive along when investigating a local crime, his eyes momentarily drawn to the large farmhouse set back from the main road.

Noweeta, May 2021

With my return, I could not shake that feeling Wallander may turn up – particularly given the marked patrol car still stilling on the road. However, it now appears that the farmhouse may have been brought up and turned into the country retreat for a wealthy family, the surrounding fields turned over to one of the locals.

I say this because the land closest to the house has been overhauled, a new swimming pool giving the suggestion this is no longer a working house. Alongside it sits a large corral for riding horses, whilst a private 7-hole miniature golf course completes the main grounds for the house. The models on this little golf course are quite exquisite, making it an eye-catching feature.

Noweeta, May 2021

With the retreat of the snow comes the revelation that one of the fields sitting alongside the driveway to the house is actually home to a small to a small grass airstrip. A Model 75 Stearman sits at one end that at first glance appears to be a crop duster;  however, its colours suggest it is more of a show ‘plane than a workhorse.

The fields themselves are now rich in growth – other than the little airstrip -, the one on which it sits also having sprouted a windmill, complete with slowly turning sails.

Noweeta, May 2021

Elsewhere, the little hill with its campsite remains, while the small body of water beyond sits free from its icy covering to present another corner where people might retreat and spend time fishing or simply enjoying the company of one another in a moored rowing boat.  And while the wild pigs may have scooted with the changing of the season, they’ve been joined by sheep, offering another sense of continuity with the preceding design.

With the arrival of summer, Noweeta has bloomed with colour and continues to offer an attractive visit for Second Life tourists and visitors alike.

Noweeta, May 2021

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