My Second Life Landscapes at Konect Art

Konect Art Gallery: Second Life Landscapes

I genuinely don’t like self-promotion, particularly when it comes to my Second Life photography ( which I view as blog illustrations rather than “art”). However a couple of months ago Gonzalo Osuna (Jon Rain) asked me to exhibit at his Konect Art Gallery – and was not going to take no for an answer!

So, running from Friday, October 16th through until the end of the month is an exhibition of some of the many images I’ve taken over the years as I’ve explored Second Life, entitled Second Life Landscapes.

Konect Art Gallery: Second Life Landscapes

I’ll admit that it is my biggest exhibition to date – and as such, I’m glad it has had something of a “soft” opening rather than a big splash, as I think I would have been too nervous to do anything more than  hide in a corner. When invited, and given past exhibits at the gallery, I was anticipating being one of two people displaying their work – so I was stunned, surprised and deeply flattered (as well as slightly panicked!) when I arrived to set-up this week and find that the entire gallery had been made available to me!

So, the result is some 35 of my images are offered across the two floors of the gallery in a relatively large format and which feature many of the places I’ve particularly enjoyed visiting since around 2014. I’ve even managed to include one or two that haven’t shown up in my Flickr stream!

Konect Art Gallery: Second Life Landscapes

Anyway, I’m not going to prattle on about things here – but I hope you’ll pop over to Konect Art between now and the end of October and have a look around. And while there, why not chill out to the sounds of Konecta Radio?

My thanks again to Gonzalo for the invitation to exhibit!

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