Poppy and Thus at Third Eye Gallery in Second Life

Third Eye Gallery: Thus Yootz

The October 2020 exhibition at the Third Eye Gallery, curated by Jaz (Jessamine2108), brings with it a selection of art by Poppy (Popikone) and a second by Thus Yootz, both of who present pieces that are captivating to the eye and rich in narrative.

Poppy is a physical world photographer who discovered Second Life somewhat by chance: whilst entering various physical world photo challenges presented through Flickr she came across the work of Second Life photographer and became entranced by what she saw to the point of signing-up and getting involved. Since joining, she has become deeply involved in in-world photography to the point that she notes she has a backlog of around 2,000 images she has yet to process and upload.

Third Eye Gallery: Poppy (Popikone)

Despite this, Poppy has never publicly exhibited her work in SL until Jaz approached her about this exhibition. Within it, she presents 26 images that are somewhat thematically defined as you view them, with some focused on water and boats, others on landscapes, and others on avatar and art. These are presented in a number of styles, some of which are mindful of painting styles (Girl in Blue) for example, with its Neo Impressionism overtones), others of which might be said to lean more towards Expressionism or Abstract). Many have a rich vein of narrative within them, some quite captivatingly so, while her use of colour brings her landscape images very much to life.

Third Eye Gallery: Poppy (Popikone)

Narrative is also very much present within Thus Yootz’s work. With an MA in art, Thus has no fear in experimenting in style and genre, and here she presents a total of nine pieces, each individual and unique, encompassing a range of themes as well as artistic styles. Within some, there is a sense of abstract expressed through the use of colour (I Wish the fog would Lift and Sunny Summer Filled with Colour). Others offer rich studies, and I found myself particularly drawn to Sola Festa and – most particularly – Fantasy Garden Statues, which has a stunning depth and richness of story to it that is remarkable.

This is only the third time I’ve witnessed Thus’ work on display, and as the first two times her work was part of a larger ensemble exhibition, it is the first time I’ve been able to study it in the depth it deserves – and I hope to see more in the future as it is genuinely evocative.

Third Eye Gallery: Thus Yootz

Similarly, I hope that following this exhibition, Poppy will accept further opportunities to display her work – and gallery owners will seek her out as well, as she is richly deserving of the opportunity.

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  1. Thank you, Inara, for dropping in at Third Eye and for the lovely review of the two talented artists. I really appreciate it and I do hope this is the beginning of many more opportunities for both these artists.


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