It’s Junebilation in Second Life


For many of us, the arrival of June bring with it the start of summer, and while we may not be able to get out and have the kind of summer fun we’re accustomed to, there are lots of opportunities in-world to get together and enjoy one another’s company.

In recognition of this, Vaneeesa Blaylock and her friends are co-ordinating a series of events every weekend in June. Unfortunately, so much was going on last weekend, I missed getting a notice out then, so hopefully this will help get the word out – and apologies to Vaneeesa for my tardiness.

Twisted Love – Saturday, June 13th, 10:00-13:00 SLT

Location: Good Life Creations Sandbox

A giant frame formed the word LOVE will be raised at the Good Life Creations Sandbox and everyone is invited to drop by and make a twisted prim to add to the mosaic. Those who do can optionally:

  • Add a giver script to hand out a a note card on what love means to them, and how they like to see a greater expression of love in-world.
  • Add more than one prim, providing they are not overly big, so the finished result looks like a mosaic.
  • Experienced builders will be on-hand to help those who may never have previously twisted a prim, so everyone can join the fun.

All avatars are welcome at this event, including child avatars, in the spirit of fun and friendship.

Avatar Pride Parade

Saturday, June 20th, starting at 10:00 SLT

A 16-region, 4-kilometre walk along the historic Route 66. The walk will commence at the west end of West End of the route in Truro, and proceed to the Welcome Area at Dore where there well be a dance party. Keep in mind this is as walk – so no cheating by riding the Bay City Trolley service!

Part of the fun will be taking pride in avatar diversity on the walk, as Vaneeesa notes:

When you live on a grid as old as SL there are so many avatars! The latest Easy-Baked-on-Sushi-Roll-Heads, the ancient System Avatars, the DEMO avatars, and everything in between. There are so many ways to wear an invisiprim wrong. Let’s celebrate all of it.

  • How “good” can you look?
  • How “bad” can you look?
  • How “you” can you look?

Oh heck, why don’t you just rez an alt and you can show off New & Old Avi’s at the same time! (hint: everybody already knows you have an alt #secretToNoOne)

Notes on Slurls:

  • Start point: a temporary lighthouse alongside temple Beth Chayei Olam.
  • End point / Dance: if you can’t make the walk but wish to be part of the party.

More Is Never Enough – The Avatar Diet Day

Saturday, June 27th, starting at 14:00 SLT

Location: Good Life Creations Sandbox

We live is an age of consumerism and an age of growing concern as to what all that consumerism is doing to our planet. But what about our virtual world? How many items do you have in your inventory that you don’t actually use – and is now so old, you wouldn’t ever want to wear / use it again? Or is your inventory simply in need of a general tidy-up?

Vaneeesa and her friends have planned a day of fun to help people sort and tidy their inventories and have fun doing so!

  • Inventory Weigh-In 10:00-noon SLT: A board will be available for people to list the total number of items in their inventory. Once people have “weighed-in” everyone can hang-out together and go through inventory and delete everything that’s No Transfer they no longer use / will never use again. At the end, the avatar shedding the most items will get a special prize!
  • Swap Meet: When sorting through inventory, people may come across Transfer items they no longer need – so why not rez them and let others see if there is something they’d like, and either pass it to them or swap it for something else?
  • Frog Fight and Dance: end the day with the fun of a dance and a frog fight!

Note: further events may be added to this Saturday’s activities.

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