A Parisian delight in Second Life

Paris for Ara, June 2020 – click any image for full size

Occupying a Homestead region, Paris for Ara has been designed by Trouble Dethly as a tribute to both the capital of France and to he SL partner AraceliSoto. Intended for photography, it captures much of the romantic heart of that city, whilst – with one notable exception – avoiding the usual focuses of attraction to be found within the heart of that city.

Paris for Ara, June 2020

That one exception is the wrought-iron lattice tower that bears the name of its engineer: Gustave Eiffel. Built for the 1889 World’s Fair, Eiffel’s design was initially disliked by many in the French art and intellectual communities for its modernity. Nevertheless it became, and remains, one of the world’s great cultural icons, and the most-visited paid monument in the world.

Often seen as a romantic setting for marriage proposals in the physical world, here the tower stands on a small island to the north of the region and connected to it by a bridge, the water beneath the bridge mindful of the Seine, the gardens beneath the tower suggestive of the Champ de Mars.

Paris for Ara, June 2020

Facing this north side island, the rest of the build offers not the broad avenues oft photographed or considered when thinking about Paris, but rather the narrower cobbled streets that pass through the city’s older blocks. Streets that so often offer hidden charms, be they little cafés in which one can shelter from a change in weather or to escape the broader noise of the city, through to places where a meal can be enjoyed alfresco, or corners where street artists ply their trade from mime to paintings of all kinds – including, perhaps those of people who have paid to sit and have their portrait painted.

Paris for Ara, June 2020

Most of the buildings around these little streets and alleys are shells or façades – but this doesn’t matter. The aim of this build is to capture the romance of Paris, and in this it does so admirably, the relatively small size of the build definitely adding to this. As a place designed for photography – notably avatar-centric images – it has multiple places suitable for this task, from sitting and enjoying the aforementioned alfresco meal or posing alongside the mime artist or one of the cats and dogs dotted around the streets, to simply sitting on one of the many benches or  in the gardens of little cosy fair.

For those who want to take the romance further, there are two fee-payable fine dining options that are available. These offer (I believe) private use of the region for an average of 50-60 minutes for parties of two or more. Those interested can click on the Eiffel Tower sign boards at the street dining area or at the tower itself to obtain a link to the on-line booking form.

Paris for Ara, June 2020

Capturing the essence of Paris and highly photogenic, Paris for Ara makes for a gentle, pleasing visit.

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