Ladmilla and Eli: art and words in Second Life

Sisi Biedermann’s Gallery and Garden: Ladmilla and Eli

Currently open at Sisi Biedermann’s Gallery and Garden, where it will remain through most of January, is an exhibition of art and words by the Second Life partnership of Ladmilla and Eli Medier, who between them also curate and manage THE EDGE Gallery.

On display are nine images by Ladmilla, each accompanied by a poem by Eli – part of a growing portfolio of joint pieces by the couple, who complement one another perfectly in brining words and images together to create a story from both.

Sisi Biedermann’s Gallery and Garden: Ladmilla and Eli

A photographer in the physical world, Ladmilla admits to initially finding it hard to adapt to taking photographs in Second Life. However, with time and practice she has developed a style of her own, one that is notable in two major ways. The first is in the post-processing of images, in which she often layers-in textures, most of which she has made herself, to give special emphasis to her work, focusing the eye on specific aspects of a piece. The second is the way in which she uses such post-processing, together with the original image, to paint a story rather than just creating a scene; to set the stage our imaginations and emotions are invited to explore.

Eli is a gifted poet who writes mainly in a form of unstressed blank verse to cast a story of its own, allowing each poem to exist independently from the image with which it is presented as well as partnering it. In this way, the poems stand as their own artistic statement, whilst also adding to the narratives to be found within the images – or indeed, having their own meaning caught in time and illuminated by the images. Thus, within the combination of words and art we are effectively given two exhibitions for the price of one, so to speak.

Sisi Biedermann’s Gallery and Garden: Ladmilla and Eli

Ladmilla and Eli are presented on the lower floor of Sisi’s gallery, sharing the December January exhibition time with a collection of Silas Merlin’s utterly superb pastel paintings of children in period costume (see: The pastel world of Silas Merlin in Second Life for more on Silas’ pastel work), which can be found in the hall facing Ladmilla’s and Eli’s exhibit. And, as always, the upper floors of the gallery offer an opportunity to share in Sisi’s own art (see: Dropping into Sisi’s gallery in Second Life for an introduction to her work, if needed).

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