Sorcha and Ninna at Monocle Man in Second Life

Monocle Man: Sorcha Tyles

Now open in the sky gallery at Monocle Man (take the teleport disk to the gallery if delivered to the ground) is a joint exhibition by Sorcha Tyles and Ninna Dazy, with each artist split between the lower and upper floors of the gallery, allowing visitors to enjoy a natural mix of their art.

Sorcha is both a Second Life photographer and a gallery owner – she runs the Artful Expressions Gallery – and so she might be more familiar to some in hosting exhibitions by other photographers, particularly those who may just be starting to exhibit their work or have been overlooked by “established” galleries.

Monocle Man: Ninna Dazy

Ninna joined Second Life some 13 years ago, enjoying the platform for its creativity. As a result, she discovered photography and started taking picture of herself and friends before moving on to capturing the places she visited – although maintaining a focus on her avatar.

For this exhibition, Sorcha and Ninna present what is very much a linked exhibition – they are both close friends – with images provided by each of them that complement one another’s selected portfolio. Both demonstrate extensive skill with the SL camera capabilities and with post-processing techniques to produce images that are rich in detail, tone and with a strong ribbon of narrative running throughout all of them. In particular, soft focus, depth of field, angle and colour.

Monocle Man: Sorcha Tyles

These are photos that are at once – by virtue of being on display – public statements of Ninna’s and Sorcha’s time in Second Life, and also personal in tone and content. Through them, we’re given insight into their Second Lives.

Each has what might be a defining element in her photos that also sets the two apart, making their respective exhibits individual as well as linked. With Sorcha, this is perhaps her use of camera angle, with notable and effective use of both overhead and low angle shots that add both depth and a certain about of intimacy: through her use of a particular angle, we’re being invited to share in her thoughts and actions. With Ninna is is the use of soft focus and depth of field. Both encourage us to focus on the avatar(s) present in a shot, but also suggest a broader story through what is intentionally only partially revealed beyond the avatar.

Monocle Man: Ninna Dazy

Having opened on the 15th December 2019, this joint exhibition will remain in place until around January 3rd or 4th, 2020. Recommended.

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