Cica’s Rocks in Second Life

Rocks, by Cica Ghost – The Sim Quarterly

The Sim Quarterly, curated by Electric Monday, opened its latest exhibition on Monday, November 3rd, 2019, featuring a full region installation by Cica Ghost.

Entitled Rocks, it’s a homage to art itself, introduced by a quote by Juliette Aristides, founder and director of the Classical Atelier at the Seattle Academy of Fine Arts:

How you draw is a reflection of how you feel about the world. You’re not capturing it, you’re interpreting it.

Rocks, by Cica Ghost – The Sim Quarterly

In particular, this is a celebration of Cica’s love of art and a reflection of her own creativity in Second Life. As the names suggests, the installation features rocks, huge blocks of semi-regular shaped stone that rise for a mostly flat ground scarred with cracks as if the earth has long since dried out.

All of different sizes, the blocks share a common feature: each has a painting on at least one of its vertical faces. These paintings mirror aspects of Cica’s work in Second Life. Some, for example, present her tall, slender houses, others are home to her famous stick figures and paintings of her flowers. Mixed in with these are pictures of some of her fabulous creatures: a snail here, a fish there, sheep and chickens, while many include references to what might be called her familiars: cats and crows.

Rocks, by Cica Ghost – The Sim Quarterly

It’s a bright, happy place, the paintings bright and cheerful. If art is a reflection of how an artist feels about the world, then this is an installation that tells us Cica loves life and finds the world a bright, warm place in which she can feel at home. And visitors can share in that love and happiness: many of the stones can be touched and offer single and multiple dances, with some additionally offering sit points as well.

A genuinely engaging installation, rich in images and expression.

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