G.B.T.H. Transients in Second Life

G.B.T.H. Project – Transients

Now open through until Friday, April 19th at the G.B.T.H. Project is Transients, an 3D exhibition by Mr. and Mrs. S (respectively Saka Infinity and LauraLar Resident).

Given both of the artists are rightly noted for their exceptional photographic work (see here and here respectively), Transients is tempting in its promise of a 3D installation. And it is one with an intriguing concept, a series of individual elements drawing inspiration from memories and dreams, colours and sounds, objects and settings.

G.B.T.H. Project – Transients

In all, nine individual settings are provided (excluding the start and end points).  Access is gained via the G.B.T.H landing point – take the green bicycle teleport up to the installation start point. Here, if you’ve not already done so, make sure your viewers settings are adjusted to meet the requirements of the installation: time of day set to midnight, Advanced Lighting Model enabled and local lights set to Sun/Moon+Projectors. Once you have, proceed to the individual elements of the installation by using the green bikes to teleport up to each in turn.

Each scene is presented in its own room, each room identical in design. Thus they are the foundation for dreams and memories established: as we move from one to the next, the environment remains the same, but the scenes they present change, each one unique, yet in a way, transient – passing thoughts and memories framed within the “familiar” – the structures representative, perhaps, of our grounding in self.

G.B.T.H. Project – Transients

These are scenes that deserve time to contemplate – and in some, the opportunity is presented through the provision of chairs or seats. Like dreams, they need interpretation, like memories, their meaning perhaps needs to be considered and given context; and like both their interpretation and / or meaning can be ephemeral, shifting in context the more we observe them and moods and emotions shift and change as our observation of the whole focuses down to the individual – or vice versa.

But are they echoing our own memories, or are we recalling something else? Something from an enacted dream sequence within a film or a scene from a story once read? Thus, our sense of understanding again shifts, our thoughts become more convoluted. Soundscapes designed by Mr. S add a further layer of imagery to each scene, increasing their depth and – perhaps – stirs a further sense of familiarity and strangeness.

G.B.T.H. Project – Transients

A fascinating installation, offering an engrossing combination of ideas and designs from two artists that marks their first public exhibition of this particular style.

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