2019 viewer release summaries week #8

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Updates for the week ending Sunday, February 24th

This summary is generally published every Monday, and is a list of SL viewer / client releases (official and TPV) made during the previous week. When reading it, please note:

  • It is based on my Current Viewer Releases Page, a list of all Second Life viewers and clients that are in popular use (and of which I am aware), and which are recognised as adhering to the TPV Policy. This page includes comprehensive links to download pages, blog notes, release notes, etc., as well as links to any / all reviews of specific viewers / clients made within this blog.
  • By its nature, this summary presented here will always be in arrears, please refer to the Current Viewer Release Page for more up-to-date information.
  • Note that for purposes of length, TPV test viewers, preview / beta viewers / nightly builds are generally not recorded in these summaries.

Official LL Viewers

  • Current Release version, dated December 5th, promoted December 13th. Formerly the Spotykach Maintenance RC viewer – No change.
  • Release channel cohorts:
    • Estate Access Management (EAM) RC viewer updated to version on February 22nd.
  • Project viewers:
    • Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) viewer updated to version on February 19th.

LL Viewer Resources

Third-party Viewers



Mobile / Other Clients

  • No Updates.

Additional TPV Resources

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3 thoughts on “2019 viewer release summaries week #8

  1. We’re in an unusual period where the release viewer from LL hasn’t changed for over two months (with a bit of help from the holiday slowdown) and it’s not even clear where it will go next. There are THREE different viewer projects in the pipeline (BOM, EEP, and EAM) and we don’t know which of them will be ready for prime time first; the main holdups appear to be server-side rather than in the viewer. There also hasn’t been a Love Me Render update for a while and the pipeline of maintenance releases hasn’t had much activity.

    So who knows what will come next? Maybe a major bug will surface that requires LL to push out a maintenance release. Right now EAM is the only project in RC status so it will likely be the next release, but that will be a yawner for most of us because the new features only affect estate managers.


    1. Actually, the three RC viewers on the cusp of promotion are BugSplat, Love Me Render and EAM, as per my TPVD meeting notes. Leaving aside unforeseen issues, I’d be somewhat surprised if one hasn’t made the move by the end of this week.

      Neither Bakes on Mesh (BOM) viewer nor the Environment Enhancement Project (EEP) viewer are ready for promotion to “prime time” nor will they be for a while yet simply because neither (at the time of replying) has reached RC status.

      Again, as per my weekly CCUG meeting notes, BOM is currently on hold pending a visible bug fix (the “black skirt issue”). EEP, however, is potentially ready for promotion to RC status as a part of its next update cycle, and there is a keenness at the Lab to get it to RC so as to expose it to a larger cohort of users prior to extending EEP support to more simulators. But even if it goes to RC status this week, it may be another few weeks before it gets promoted to release status.

      As to the RC pipeline as a whole, there is a further Maintenance RC viewer in the offing – I actually thought it might make the Alternate Viewers wiki page in week #7.


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