Visiting Lost Unicorn Gallery in Second Life

The Lost Unicorn Gallery

The Lost Unicorn Gallery, curated by Natalie (Natalie Montagne)  forms a part of a trio of regions I visited in September 2018 (see Within a Lost Unicorn Forest in Second Life and Opening a Storybook in Second Life). As I noted in those articles, all three regions are utterly magnificent in design, with The Lost Unicorn Gallery offering one of the most stunning settings in which art can be exhibited – as any view from outside the gallery will more than demonstrate.

I was drawn back to the gallery for three reasons: the first is that Natalie routinely hosts engaging ensemble exhibitions of art; the second is that the featured artist for February 2019 is Cybele Moon (Hana Hoobinoo); and the third is purely personal: as a part of the current ensemble exhibition, Natalie has selected some of my own images.

The Lost Unicorn Gallery: Cybele Moon

Cybele Moon’s work really needs no introduction to regular readers of this blog. Her art is beautifully ethereal and rich in narrative. This is fully exemplified with Forests Were Made For the Hunter of Dreams. Located on the main floor of the gallery, this is an extensive exhibition of Cybele’s photography and art, each piece offered and ready to tell a story of its own. However, for those who prefer, Cybele offers a touch panel which will supply a short story snippet to accompany each piece.

Also to be found on the ground floor of the gallery are avatar studies by Razor Cure (sch511), and Aquatic Arugula (Sugarfairy88), who offer very contrasting styles. Razor is additionally the first prize winner of a recent photography competition held within the regions, his entry with the other prize winners also being displayed on the ground floor of the gallery.

The Lost Unicorn Gallery: Sugarfairy88

On the upper floors of the gallery is a veritable host of artists: Lia Swahn, Gassamer Star, Luke Henuskai, Meriluu, Pan Aeon, Poly Elan, Awesome Fallen, SelenLily Galicia, Efinyn Jinx, Iruki Levee, Babydoll Tracy Colt, Antarctica Slade, Pretty Rexen, Aleriah, Roxi Firanelli, Duchess Flux, and myself.

The majority of the images from these artists are focused on avatar studies, the only major exception being my pieces, which Natalie gathered from my visits to Lost Unicorn Forest and Storybook. My sincere thanks go to her for including me in such august company; I’m both flattered and honoured.

The Lost Unicorn Gallery: Inara Pey

For those who enjoy photography competitions, the Lost Unicorn Gallery is currently hold another with the theme of Lord of the Rings.

Participants are invited to submit up to two images (raw or post-processed) representing any part of the Lord of the Rings novels (The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King). Submissions should be made to the Lord of the Rings Flickr Group and labelled “Contest Entry”, no later than March 3rd, 2019. A L$9,000 prize pool is on offer, with L$5,000 to the first place entry. Full details on entry can be found via the contest information givers at the gallery.

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