Love Made in SL: a new video mini-series

Logo by Marianne McCann, courtesy of Linden Lab

On Monday, February 11th, the start of 2019’s Valentines Week, Linden Lab announced the launch of a new video mini-series filmed by Draxtor Despres.

People within Second Life often flag their profiles with a comment along the lines of “SL is SL, RL is RL” or warnings that they don’t like to let their virtual lives overlap with their physical lives. And that’s fine; the beauty of Second Life is that no-one has to conform to any specific set of all-encompassing rules (outside of the Terms if Service and Community Standards, of course!).

However, there are many who do allow their physical and virtual lives to overlap and intertwine to varying degrees.

Love Made In SL, the new series, focuses on some of those in this latter category; specifically: those who have found love as a result of meeting in Second Life. Some of these relationships may be confined to Second Life, simply because of circumstance, geography, and so on, but some might more fully cross the boundaries into the physical world, with the love between two people leading to their meeting and even in marrying one another.

This latter point is the case with RaglanShire community members Teal, from the United States and Wolf, from the United Kingdom. They are the subject of the first couple to be featured in the new series – and fittingly so, given that after and 18-month engagement, they are now together in the UK and due to be married.

Teal and Wolf in the UK via Love Made in SL

When Wolfie and I got together, I was very settled. The thought of changing my life that drastically, just didn’t occur to me … At age 71, I closed my business, sold my house, packed up everything, and shipped myself across the Atlantic.

– Teal Freenote, Love Made in SL

Their story is beautifully told in this short piece – less than a minute-and-a-half long – and in their own words. It needs no added commentary here, other than the images accompanying Teal’s story of travelling to the UK to be with Wolf are wonderfully fitting in the use of Second Life whimsy (where else can you travel an ocean on the back of a whale so you can be with your loved one!).

My only other comment would be to thank Teal and Wolf for sharing their story and to wish them all the best for their upcoming wedding, and for their future together!

As the Lab notes, if you’d like to be considered for a future edition on Love Made in SL, please contact Draxtor Depres in-world.

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