Heights of Haven boutique gallery

Heights of Haven Gallery

Heights of Haven is a newly opened boutique gallery operated by Maggie Blessing (Margaret Moleno) and Seiko Blessing (softandred) and (currently), featuring a small display of art by  Seiko and family member Micki Blessing (michellecallum) – although this might be “for the most part”, as some images are unsigned, so I’m not entirely sure on their provenance.

The images are a mix of landscapes and avatar studies on a variety of subjects, but with a degree of similarity between them; a similarity which extends to the stories they tell. This is not a criticism; taken together, the images have a familial feel to them that reflects the environment in which they are displayed.

Heights of Haven Gallery

As an exhibition space of personal art, none of the pieces on display are directly offered for sale. In an interesting touch, visitors are asked to vote on their favourite pieces. This is done by donating a minimum of L$10 via the candle burning under each picture. As the signs at the gallery explain, the five images receiving the most votes will remain on display for the following month.

This is an interesting way of raising funds to help keep the gallery active – and to help cover some of the costs involved in Seiko and Maggie’s other venture: the performing arts theatre next door to the gallery. They intend to use this to produce various shows, the début piece being Shall We Dance (opening date TBA). However, those wishing to buy any of the images displayed in the gallery can do so for a fee of L$200 per picture and by contacting either Maggie or Seiko.

Heights of Haven Gallery

Small it might be, but Heights of Haven is a nicely done “familial” style of gallery, and it’ll be interesting to see how the performing art theatre proceeds – and I’ll be pointing dance connoisseur Crap Mariner towards it :).

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