Reminder: SL support site upgrade

Update, Wednesday, November 8th: the planned upgrade has been further delayed, until 15:00 SLT om Monday, November 13th. See here for more.

Update, Tuesday, November 7th: the planned upgrade has been postponed until Wednesday, November 8th, starting at 15:00 SLT. See here for more.

This is a reminder that the SL support site will be undergoing an upgrade commencing at 15:00 SLT on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, and likely extending through until Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, in which the support offering will be migrated to Freshdesk.

News of the update was first announced by the Lab on Tuesday, October 31st, and I’m blogging on it now to hopefully help keep the news fresh in people’s minds.

The overall migration will be handled in two parts, the first being a migration of all open support tickets, and all those raised since the start of 2017, as the official blog post notes:

What this means for Residents is that after 3pm (PT) on 11/07 you will be unable to submit, edit, or view your current support tickets. The downtime will be used to complete a migration of all the current support tickets to our new Customer Relationship Management tool.

We currently plan to have the support system back up and running by 9am PT on 11/08 …

The initial migration will include all open support tickets and any which have been opened since the beginning of 2017.

Once this phase of the migration is completed, the support site will be re-opened for the submission of new tickets / review of open tickets, etc., all of which will be managed using Freshdesk.

Following this, work will commence in migrating the remainder of the support site data. However, this will take time, as the Lab notes there are around 1.2 million historical support tickets to migrate, together with some 200,000 Live Chat records.

Should you have any closed ticket from 2016 or earlier which you think you may need to access, you have until 15:00 on Tuesday, November 7th to collect that information.

Further information on the migration will be posted by the Lab as the work progresses.

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