Elemental drawings in Second Life

Elemental – San (Santoshima)

“The exhibit is in celebratory recognition of the 9-year anniversary of Play as Being (PaB) in SL, and as such, is part of a year-long series of solo exhibits by PaB Guardians.” So reads – in part – the introduction to Elemental,  a set of photo drawings by San (Santoshima) on display at the Art of Being gallery through until the end of October, and to which I recently received a personal invitation to visit from the artist.

A total of 10 image boards are presented within the gallery space – six on the circular outer wall, four on the square central walls. Each panel contains multiple images, which can be viewed in turn by clicking on the panel (for the four images ranged on the sides of the central walls, click the left or right edges).

Elemental – San (Santoshima)

Thematically, the panels are similar in the images they present; the six outer panels focus on images of birds in flight and a figure with an umbrella. The colour wash in all of them suggest a breezy, perhaps rainy environment the birds and figure and flying / walking (drifting?) through each; thus we get – in part – the title for the exhibit: Elemental. The time of day which appears to suggest different times of day as well, perhaps adding to the title.

The inner four all share the same set of images showing a garden sitting with plants, rocks and trees, again taken at different times of the day. The natural setting for each image, combined with the watercolour-like tones, again suggests the images are Elemental in approach. As you click on the panels to page through the images, it is possible to By clicking on them to page through the images each holds, it is possible to form a story for each.

Elemental – San (Santoshima)

It’s important to note this is not just a visual exhibition. San has included a special sound scape to accompany the images, so it’s important to have local sounds enabled when visiting in order to enjoy the exhibition to the fullest. “[The] live sound recordings were made in a southern Gulf Island, British Columbia,” San explains. “Outside my cabin door; a raven pair conversing, raven parents with three fledglings, various small birds, and Pacific tree frogs.”

Also, as noted in the introduction to the exhibition, Elemental forms part of a celebration of Play as Being, an in-world group which describes itself as, “exploring reality by using our own life as a laboratory. A thought experiment to see what is left if we put down what we have, to see who we are.” More information on the group, together with a schedule of their events, can be found on their wiki page.

Elemental – San (Santoshima)

Elemental is a fascinating exhibition – and a peaceful one; a visit prior to closure is recommended.

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