Myra’s Transitions in Second Life

Club LA and Gallery: Transitions

“My art primarily explores the freedom on-line communities, specifically Second Life, provide, allowing you to set aside your cultural roles and explore other roles.” Myra Wildmist in introducing her new exhibition Transitions, which opened at the Club LA and Gallery, curated by Fuyuko ‘冬子’ Amano (Wintergeist), on Sunday, October 22nd 2017.

She continues, “Real life cultural roles are necessary for a functioning society, but they are often extremely confining, almost forcing people into pigeon holes of expected behaviour. Second Life gives us all the opportunity to slip out of our pigeon holes and be almost anything we can imagine.”

Club LA and Gallery: Transitions

What follows is a selection of a dozen images offering some remarkable views of Second Life, each with a touch of the personal as then all include Myra herself in their frames – although it would be unfair to call all of them avatar studies; their compositions being such that the avatar forms a part of the overall scene rather than the focus of the image. Even those which do focus on the avatar do so in ways very different to more “traditional” avatar studies, allowing each one to tell its own story.

There are three pieces in the exhibit which might be considered NSFW, but all twelve are richly expressive, and demonstrate a broad range of approaches to photography which mark Myra as a true exponent of her art.

Club LA and Gallery: Transitions

Transistion shares the gallery space with Twain Orfan’s An Exhibition, which I reviewed in September, and a select of four images from John Brianna’s physical world photography.

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6 thoughts on “Myra’s Transitions in Second Life

    1. This helps explain why I called the show Transitions:

      Transitional element: Any element connecting spaces directly or visually. E.g. doorways, arches, windows, stairs.

      There’s a tension inherent to transitional elements that sparks the viewer’s creativity. Where is she going? What is at the top of the stairs? What is she looking at? A successful photo inspires the viewer to weave their own stories.

      I hope you consider my photography successful.


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