August at the Bailywick Gallery, Second Life

The Bailywick Gallery, August 2017: GlitterPrincess Destiny

Sunday, July 30th marked the opening of the Kultivate Bailywick Gallery’s August exhibition at Water Haven.

The gallery specialises in black-and-white images, and artists are invited to submit pictures in keeping with this theme for each exhibition. The venue is a village hall style of building with two storeys and presented in a yacht club style of environment; as such it is ideal for smaller, more intimate exhibitions, and the August event features the work for four artists: GlitterPrincess Destiny, KodyMeyers Resident, Lulyboop Resident and Solana Python.

The Bailywick Gallery, August 2017: Lulyboop Resident

I’m very familiar with the work of both GlitterPrincess and KodyMeyers, although this is the first time I’ve seen them both present purely black and white images in an exhibition. Both offer a mix of avatar and landscape studies which carry the major hallmarks of their colour work, something which immediately has my eye gravitating towards their pieces, as both have a style to their work I greatly admire.

The Bailywick Gallery, August 2017: Solana Python

Located on the upper floor of the gallery,  Lulyboop Resident and Solana Python are artists I’ve not previously encountered. I have to admit to being particularly drawn to Solana’s images from the physical world – her WhiteLake Trypich (above) in particular holding my attention in the way it present three very different images of a location which together form a natural whole. Lulyboop, meanwhile, presents a set of five avatar studies which beautifully catch a moment in time from the lives of avatars and which deserve careful studio in order to catch the nuances within each.

I believe the exhibition runs through until the end of August 2017.

The Bailywick Gallery, August 2017: KodyMeyers Resident

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