Lab ramps-up for SL14B celebrations

The SL14B Shopping Event, organised by Linden Lab and open through until June 26th

Second Life’s  2017 anniversary celebrations are on the horizon, with builders all over the SL14B Community Celebration regions are busy brewing prims, moulding mesh and gluing things together in what will be a carnivalesque week of celebratory activities starting on Sunday, June 18th. And believe me, as I’ve been able to get around the regions to grab photos for the SL14B website, a lot of imagination has gone into many of this year’s builds to match the theme.

To mark the forthcoming celebrations, Linden Lab have blogged about some of the activities they are and will be running to mark SL’s 14th anniversary.

In-world Shopping Event

Currently in progress is the 14th anniversary shopping event, which runs through unto June 26th. Set out across three regions which form a huge shopping mall like environment, which wide open halls lined with shop spaces some have used very creatively (Cube Republic’s  walk through a cavern is a particularly clever use of space) the event features 60 participating merchants and creators.  In case you haven’t been, the SLurls to the regions are:

SL14B Music Festival

The third SL Birthday Music Festival, organised by Linden Lab will take place over three days of the SL14B Community Celebration, featuring everything from Italian Opera to full on Psychedelic Rock!

The dates and times (SLT) for the event are:

  • Friday, June 23rd 2017, 11:00 – 15:00
  • Saturday, June 24th 2017, 20:00 – midnight
  • Sunday, June 25th 2017, 16:00 – 20:00

The SLurl for the festival, together with the line-up of artists, will be announced soon.

Celebratory Parties

The Lab will also host two special parties at SL14B’s Cake Stage during the course of the celebrations, with a prize of L$5,000 up for grabs at each.

The Lab is hosting two parties for SL14B

The Masquerade Ball – Monday, June 19th 11:00 13:00 SLT. Be part of the mystery and intrigue of the Masked Ball. Dress to the nines, don that harlequin mask (or other suitable facial disguise) and  join your fellow celebrants at this special event. The L$5,000 will go to the person judged The Best at the Ball!

Come as You Were – Wednesday, June 21st 18:00 – 20:00 SLT. We all enter tour virtual lives as newbies, and this party looks back to those innocent days, whether yours was last week, last month or a decade ago. Simply put your best Ruth forward, as the Lab says (and also indicate your age by knowing who / what Ruth was!) and go along in costume for a chance to win L$5,000.

Celebratory Gifts

In addition to these events, the Lab will have vendors located at some of the SL14B regions, offering a special commemorative avatar and bonus gift. 

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