An ensemble of art at Blue Orange

Blue Orange – Gitu Aura

Currently on display at Blue Orange, the music and arts venue in Second Life curated by Ini (In Inaka), is an ensemble exhibition of 2D and 3D art featuring work by Cica Ghost, Theda Tammas, Rebeca Bashly, Jarla Capalini, Gitu Aura, and Ini herself.

One of the delights of this particular venue is the layout; the warren-like design of the venue, with its feeling of disused subway station, ignored by the trains rushing by in a blur, adds considerable atmosphere to Blue Orange both as a gallery space and a music venue. A hallway, lined with images of Blue Orange events taken by NicoleX Moonwall, connects the landing point with the music venue, and the first art space lies at the end of this hallway, through a hole in the wall.

Blue Orange – Jarla Capalini

This space is devoted to displaying thirteen pieces by Jarla Capalini. Split between landscapes and avatar studies, they have all been carefully post-processed to resemble paintings, and the results are more than eye-catching. The landscapes have a richness to them which suggests oil on canvas, while the avatar studies perhaps lean more to watercolour or pencils on paper and have the feel of studio pieces, rather than of finished works. The contrast between the two styles combines to give this display further depth.

The second art space is best reached via the double doors at the end of the landing area’s platform. Split into two levels, this large space features Gitu’s and Ini’s 2D art, and a single piece by Rebeca entitled The Great Escape. Gitu’s work, Colourful Dreams features ten pieces, all of which have a post-processed, art-like finish to them, albeit one leaning more towards a digital feel with a touch of abstract in places. Between these two, and around the stairwell leading to the lower level, are three dramatic, large-format pieces by Ini, which perhaps set the tone for the main display on the lower level.

Blue Orange – Theda Tammas

Labrinto, by Theda Tammas, is a dramatic powerful piece, with slight hint, perhaps of nightmares (or at least darker dreams) and violence. As the name suggests, this is a labyrinth, defined by crystalline walls and within which bronze like figures are cast, individually and in pairs. Frozen in time, their skins are etched as jigsaws, each with pieces missing, their expressions sometimes hinting at the darker edge to the piece.

Sharing the same space as Labrinto, and located on the other side of the dividing stairway is a far more whimsical piece by Cica Ghost. Between the two, and against the wall, sit is single door. open it, and a TP button will return you to the club.

Blue Orange – Cica Ghost

As noted, Blue Orange is an atmospheric venue, whether you visit for the music or the art, and the current set of exhibitions are well worth take the time to see. Should you appreciate your time there, do please consider making a donation towards the continued presence of the venue for the enjoyment of everyone.

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