Second Life’s AVsitter to become open-source

Code Violet, the creator of the popular AVsitter system used by many content creators in Second Life for sitting and posing avatars on furniture, vehicles, etc., has announced that she will be making the system available to the community as an open-sourced product under the GPL v2 license  from July 31st, 2017.

The announcement came via a post on the AVSitter support pages, which is also referenced in Code’s in-world profile.

By making AVsitter an open-source product, Code hopes users will be able to continue its development and extend its life without the need for her direct involvement.

“I’ve always tried to make products that I myself find useful, and to a standard that would allow others to enjoy them too,” she informed me as we discussed the forthcoming move.

“In 2010 I set out to make a sitter system for the kinds of furniture I wanted to make, which included dining sets and lounge room furniture. It’s been amazingly gratifying to see how so many other SL residents have found AVsitter useful in their creative process and/or their daily enjoyment of Second Life.”

She continued, “Seeing it used in just about every kind of furniture and vehicle imaginable is wonderful, but it places a high requirement on a single set of scripts made by one person to satisfy so many different needs. Over the years, a very talented user community has built up around AVsitter, including many of SL’s best designers, so I’m confident that the decision to release the code as open-source will allow that community to do much more with their creations than they could without the ability to change the scripts.

“A huge thanks to everyone who helped shape AVsitter over 7 years of wonderful (and weird!) creations. ♥.”

The July 31st move to open-source will be accompanied by a final release of AVsitter to all customers via the regular   update system, which will have the scripts set to full permissions. The change will not affect any AVsitter scripts currently in use, which will continue to function normally.

For the foreseeable future, Code plans to maintain the following support services:

In addition, new and existing AVsitter users can join the Unofficial AVsitter Support Group in Second Life, where community members may be able to help with specific questions and issues.

Should there be any enquires or questions about the announcement, AVsitter users should direct them to AVsitter Resident, and are asked to keep an eye on the announcement page in case there are further updates.

3 thoughts on “Second Life’s AVsitter to become open-source

  1. Wow!

    It’s particularly good that the AVsitter Experience key will remain supported. That’s gonna be a bit complicated, though, because the code that directly uses those keys (AVprop, I guess, and AVobject) must be compiled by somebody with special status for the Experience — and that’s a good thing, lest the Experience be used for “evil”. Anyway, the point is: the little bit of source for the AVsitter Experience will need to be compiled by Code Violet (or a few designated contributors), even if the source is available to all.

    I might examine the scripts with an eye to refactoring them such that only one per sitter is needed for the most basic use, and… maybe some more adventurous stuff, too.

    Anyway, this creator has always been very responsive and responsible, and this is an important contribution to the SL creative community.


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