A Rustic Retreat in Second Life

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Rustic Retreat is a full region designed by Pred Fromund (Predator Ryba) and Bluey Porthos Fromund (Blue Whitefalcon). Described as ” an ideal place for photographers – or those that like to explore or just chill out”, it is a place of many facets: fantasy, whimsy, beauty, mystery – and a little darkness as well.

The fantasy element is made apparent at the landing point, alongside of which a Troll stands, whilst fairies play around a nearby fountain. The mystery is also evident to keen eyes, as strange plants can be seen further away along the fire-lit path, glowing and swaying in the breeze. Also not too far away, fantasy and mystery come together beyond a stone arch sitting alongside the trail.

Rustic Retreat

The default lighting for the region is night (although I opted to take most of my images in daylight), and I recommend exploring it; at least in part, as there are several areas which deserve to be seen in daylight, such is the attention lavished upon them. Torches and fires light the trails winding through parts of the region, and the glowing beauty of Elicio ember’s fabulous plants lend themselves perfectly to the night-time lighting.

Where you wander during a visit is entirely down to you; the trails will lead you to various places – one might lead to ancient ruins here, a little cuddle spot there, Another might take you to where a fork in the path gives you a choice of a climb up to a platform among waterfalls, or a  path through the skull of a dragon and thence to a basalt-ringed garden and pool with a coastal board walk beside gigantic mushrooms close by.

Rustic Retreat

This is a place where a Tree of life raises strong and tall into the sky, its base a place of elven-like power; where a lone tower rises from the surrounding woods, overlooking a wizard’s cottage on one side, and anther mystical glade on the other – albeit one also given to a touch of whimsy thanks to the characters to be found there.

Travel far enough and you’ll encounter more: coastal ruins, the gaiety or rabbits frolicking,  more whimsy in the form of pixie and fairy houses and gardens – and throughout all of it, places to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds. Meanwhile, the more adventurous can available themselves of network of teleport discs.

Rustic Retreat

These offer shortcuts to some of the ground-level locations, but it can also take you skyward, where the “darker” aspects of the region lie, such as a ghostly club where one gets the impression vampires and lycans might put aside their differences for a  while. Alongside of this is a post-apocalyptic setting where zombies and other creatures roam – and visitors are offered the protection of a free weapon. Elsewhere, you might find a small homage to Mary Shelley’s classic Gothic novel.

Picturesque by daylight, hauntingly mysterious by night, photogenic under any lighting conditions, Rustic Retreat offers an intriguing and eye-catching visit.

Rustic Retreat

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