Journey of Life in Second Life

Paris METRO: Journey of life

Journey of Life is the title of a new exhibition of art by Satus Voltz (satus9), which opened at the Paris METRO Art Gallery on Saturday, March 18th. In terms of broad theme, it in some ways continues and extends the examination of life seen in the previous exhibition at the gallery, Life Is A Journey by Elin Egoyan (which you can read about here). However, where Elin considered our physical lives in her exhibition, Satus here considers time and travels through Second Life.

Twenty-three pieces of art are offered for display. They offer both an intriguing presentation of evocative individual pieces and a finely balanced collection when taken as whole, bringing together a number of subtle pairings, from the balance between monochrome and colour in the landscapes, through the use of either anticipation or pensiveness as an emotional driver in the avatar studies or the subtle mixing of purely 2D images with those with a 3D aspect; all the way through to the mix of landscapes and avatar-focused  images. In short, this is a richly diverse collection of pieces which are not only encapsulated within the overall theme, they beautifully demonstrate Satus’ artistry and expression.

Paris METRO: Journey of life

The use of 3D elements with a 2D art display perhaps isn’t new. Several artists  – notably Molly Brown – have incorporated 2D and 3D art into a single whole in the past; and on entering the gallery to encounter Shattered (in the foreground of the banner image at the top of this piece), I was immediately put in mind of her work. However, the sheer dynamism and narrative in Shattered is breathtaking. Elsewhere, the use of a 3D element is more subtle but no less emotive and effective; from starlight filtering through the fan of branches of distant trees, to the fall of rain or the use of dandelion seeds and dust motes drifting through the air.

Then there is balance between monochrome and colour in the landscape pieces, which brings a certain harmonic tension to them. We are at once drawn towards the three black-and-white images sitting among their more numerous colour companions, but at the same time, they encourage is to consider the use of colour as well as light and shade within the colour pieces.  A similar tension can be found within the more avatar focused studies. Within these, the pensiveness within pieces like Departure, Burning House (both of which are shown below), and I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, is countered by the depth of anticipation evidenced in Silent Awakening, Polar Express and Confetti of The Sky, with both emotions perfectly brought together in  Can’t Take You With Me.

Paris METRO: Journey of life

Evocative, emotive, beautifully (and naturally) composed, the images in this exhibition are utterly entrancing and perfectly set within an environment accented by Satus. Absolutely not to be missed.

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