Filling the Cauldron: Cerridwen’s Corner

Cerridwen’s Corner

We’re moving ahead with Filling the Cauldron, the event to support Elicio Ember and his family. Already the Design a Garden contest is filled and designers are hard at work. We’re also  receiving applications from DJ, entertainers, artists and volunteers na dahre still looking for more!

Work is continuing in preparing Holly Kai Park – so if you see bits of work going on her and there, please pardon any mess. Hopefully, things are only having minor tweaks, so you should notice too much changing!

In fact the biggest change is to the Storyteller’s Circle in the south-east corner of the park. The tree circle and the paths have been removed to make way for Cerridwen’s Corner, a store area where Elicio’s creations will be on sale, with all proceeds going to Elicio and his family.

Cerridwen’s Corner

Designed by Judi Newall using items created by Elicio to present a little corner of his home region, Cerridwen’s Corner. What’s more, not only will the Corner be selling many of Elico’s creations, if there is anything you cannot find there, a teleport will take you to and from his store at Cerridwen’s Cauldron, giving you immediate access to all of his items!

Applications and Support

While we’ve had a lot of responses to Filling the Cauldron so far, we still have applications open in a number of areas, so if you want to get involved and help support the event, here’s how:

  • Join our Art Show: do you have images of Elicio’s past builds at Fantasy Faire, or his art installations such as Calvera! and would be willing to display them in an art show for Filling the Cauldron? If so, we would love to hear from you.
  • Donate to our Auction: what better way to raise funds than with an auction? But in order to do so, we need items to be donated. Would you be willing to donate. It can be 2D art, 3D art, clothing or anything else you would like to provide – such as your time? See the  auction page for more
  • Be part of our Entertainment: are you a live performer, band, dance troupe or DJ and would like to volunteer an hour or two of your time to help raise money for Elicio Ember and his family? If so, please hop over to the entertainments page
  • Become a Volunteer: running an event like Filling the Cauldron takes a lot of time and effort – and help! If you’d like to lean a hand, please visit the volunteers page.

Updates and More

Remember, you can also keep right up-to-date with things via the Filling the Cauldron website – so why not subscribe to it?

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