Second Life home page gets a revamp

While we’re all awaiting the arrival of the new Second Life Community Platform, Linden Lab took the opportunity to deploy an updated Second Life home page at

Now, if you’re generally logged-in to your Second Life dashboard, you’ve probably not noticed. While I did notice while twiddling around waiting for the Community Platform, it didn’t exactly register with me for various reasons – so my thanks to Whirly Fizzle for the extra nudge, and to Pete Linden for confirming I wasn’t going entirely bonkers.

To see the new layout if you are normally logged-in to your dashboard (at, you’ll have to log out. If you don’t tend to log-in to your dashboard, you should see the updated layout by simply going to

The layout itself has much the same look at feel to the community landing pages the Lab deployed and I blogged about back in December 2015 (see Landing pages: marketing Second Life), and share some commonality with the more recent Places pages (see: Places: a new gateway to your activities in Second Life).

A portion of the new home page (seen when you are *not* logged in to your dashboard!)

At the top is a set of banner images, which periodically change. These include the sign-up, log-in and language options in the top right corner, together with the SL logo and old strapline “Your World, Your Imagination” on the left. Beneath this, and changing with the images, is descriptive text together with a LEARN MORE button.

Depending on the banner image displayed, clicking LEARN MORE will either take you to the business or creators Community Landing Pages, or display the Destination Guide. Each banner also include a JOIN button which will launch the sign-up button.

Below this is a further section providing more insight into Second Life in the form of a set of tiled images – Creativity, Entertainment, Social, Real Estate, Education and Business. Four of these – Creativity, Social, Education and Business – again link to their respective Community Landing Page. Of the remaining two, Real Estate provides an overview of land “ownership” in Second Life, while hovering the mouse over the Entertainment tile will display a series of five category buttons. With the exception of the GAMES button, which goes to the Games section of the Destination Guide, these also all go to their associated Community Landing Page.

The Entertainment tile on the revamped homepage, displaying the five category buttons

Below this there is a further section linking to the Destination Guide, before a section displaying one of the Drax Files World Makers series, together with a link to YouTube channel for the series.

The entire design is fresh and clean and, as noted, has much in common with the Community Landing pages and the Places pages, helping to present something of a unified front end to the Second Life web spaces (although the Places pages do stand slightly apart, as they are designed to be customised by users).

While they have yet to be seen in the flesh, it would appear the new Community Platform pages may have something of a similar approach as well, although we will, at the time of writing, have to wait a while longer to see those.

9 thoughts on “Second Life home page gets a revamp

  1. The new secondlife pages like the communitiy and now this page are having a crazy hugh banner ! That banner only is already good to fuill almost my whole verticle 1080 pixels.

    It looks more designed for a tablet that you hold in the wrong vertical angle. instead of the horizontal angle. i guess the page is complete ugly on my tablet.


    1. Looks fine on my 1080p screen & works well on my 7-inch Nexus HD, both in horizontal and vertical orientation.


  2. OMG, the “New”-Sticker next to the on the Dashboard is gone too:( It’s only been there for like 10 years. LOL


  3. I like it pretty much: It is a good presentation of the platform, showing what you can do in SL in a glance. When someone is curios about SL, the new home page gives a good starting idea now. Also I like it that Creativity is the first one.

    There are a couple of things that I like less, and maybe there is room for improvements about those. One is romance under Entertainment (note that it’s listed separated from roleplay, so they don’t mean romance roleplay). While it’s not black and white and I can understand about dreaming a little, maybe (when you are true with your feelings anyway), I understand less and I think it’s actually damaging, when SL is taken as a dating simulator game instead, and when someone plays with other people’s feelings (either naively believing it’s just fun, a game, and not realizing there are other people behind the screen, or in manipulative dudes, that pretends to be so nice, but that the only thing they actually love is to get you eventually on some bed). On the other hand SL is neither as a dating agency too (if I’m looking for a real love, the last place I’d look for it is a virtual world full of furry avatars, LOL), although like any other thing with social interactions, you can meet other people by chance, make new friends and sometimes love happens too. If you feel something, that’s your real feelings.

    Then there is something I miss there: vehicle simulation (you don’t get that under games). When I show boating to new people, they are amazed (it’s also a relaxing activity or a nice way to hang out). Some people are amazed by the railways in Heterocera too, and I must admit it’s a quite fascinating way to explore SL. And there is aviation too. I know SL isn’t as good as dedicated simulators (and there are those pesky “sim crossings”, BTW, people still keep loosing they attachments), but look at the area around the Blake Sea, and you see it attracts people and many new regions grew around it in the last years.

    Anyway I like the new page a lot, it’s something I can link to curious people, knowing they would get a good panoramic first glance and a good starting idea about what SL is.


    1. You raise some interesting points, particularly with the placement of Romance encouraging the perception that SL is a “dating game”, although the Landing Page does go a little way towards trying to balance things out.

      For someone who enjoys sailing, boating and flying, I hadn’t considered the lack of vehicle simulation – but you’re right. There are numerous opportunities for enjoying all forms of transportation in SL from under the sea to outer space which could be eye-catching and motivational for interested non-users. If nothing else, and as you point out, Blake Sea and its surroundings offer enormous scope for promoting SL through images and activities. That’s certainly something that Lab should consider in the future.


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