Whitechapel Victorian London in Second Life

Whitechapel Victorian London
Whitechapel Victorian London

Whitechapel Victorian London is the name of arts and performance environment created by the team at TerpsiCorp ARTWerks (See: TerpsiCorps ARTWerks: performance art in Second Life).

While not intended as a historical representation of London’s notorious Whitechapel district, the installation in part takes its lead from London’s East End. Three-quarters of the region is occupied by cobbled streets of close-packed houses and shops overshadowed by hulking warehouses. In contrast, the remaining quarter is given to more opens spaces, complete with a grand ballroom which has something of a faint echo of the old Royal London Hospital.

Whitechapel Victorian London
Whitechapel Victorian London

“We had our grand opening on March 4th,” TerpsiCorp’s Artistic Director, Cassie Parker (nanki Hendes) said, as Caitlyn and I explored the installation. “It’s all just beginning to evolve.” Over the coming four months that evolution will see the region used for a variety of activities and performances.

From the landing point, visitors can walk past the great ballroom along a wide, almost boulevard-like cobbled road, or wander through a park and over a bridge. Whichever route is taken will bring them to the streets of Whitechapel which – if I may make so bold – are best seen under twilight or night-time conditions, which enhances the atmosphere, bringing forth the street-hugging mist, the glow of the gas lamps and the inviting warmth of lit windows.

Whitechapel Victorian London
Whitechapel Victorian London

Behind many of these windows sit gallery spaces occupied by artists who have been extended an invitation to display at Whitechapel Victorian London. Some of the names might be known to lovers of art in SL, others perhaps not. All should be browsed for the rich variety of art they offer.

Nor are the shops the only galleries; the is an outdoor 3D art area and the brooding warehouses also provide space for artists. Simply haul back their heavy metal doors (if they are not already open), and step inside. Daylight can be the best for viewing the art, obviously, but several of the artists have made considered use of lighting effects, so experimenting with windlight in some of the gallery spaces is suggested.

Whitechapel Victorian London
Whitechapel Victorian London

Voice events are also represented through the Whitechapel Storytellers shop in the north-east corner of the region, which has an events calendar just outside. For other news on activities and events within the region, please refer to the TerpsiCorp ARTWerks LEA Facebook page.

Whitechapel Victorian London will remain open through until the end of June, 2017. Whether you are interested in art or exploring new environments in Second Life, I recommend a visit, and in keeping an eye on the Facebook page for news of events.

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