Holly Kai Park in Second Life: makeover completed

Holly Kai Park the updates art hill, with new events area (foreground) and the Storyteller's Garden beyond
Holly Kai Park: the updates art hill, with new events area (foreground) and the Storyteller’s Garden beyond

Over the last few months, and as time has allowed, I’ve been re-working the art display areas at Holly Kai Park, something I blogged about in July. However, as is the way with me, that blog post proved to be a little premature, as I was uncomfortable with some of the changes made. The last week or so has given me the opportunity to look anew at things and carry out further work – and if I say so myself, thinks are now looking a lot better.

The main thing that was niggling me was the use of old ruins; it’s a theme we’ve used on the home island, and repeating it at the park niggled me. So, the ruins are now gone. Instead we have what I hope feels like a more natural flow to the areas on the art hill – which is now even more of a plateau – with the events area now flowing naturally into the Storyteller’s Garden, rather than being separate to it in placement and look, with a slight reworking of the Storyteller’s Garden to help with this.

Holly Kai Park: another view of the updated hilltop
Holly Kai Park: another view of the updated hilltop

I had been debating replacing the wooden art decks with something else – and this might still happen at some point. So far, though, I’ve not found anything which really talks to me, as it were. There’s an additional stairway for accessing the plateau, which is now ringed completely by cliffs and  which has been retextured to more closely match the land below, and includes rock paths similar to those running through the park elsewhere to again (hopefully) give a sense of continuity. We even have room for a little cuddle snug!

As well as the art at the park hilltop, there have been a number of little nips tucks and tweaks around the park in general, which we hope will add to visitors’ pleasure. The most noticeable of these is the arrival of a new art piece at the Art Garden.

Holly Kai Garden: Reflections of Midnight: kindly presented by Frankx Lefavre
Holly Kai Garden: Reflections at Midnight: kindly presented by Frankx Lefavre

Reflections at Midnight is a piece which has been generously presented by its creator, Frankx Lefavre. It can be found alongside the garden’s landing point, between the two art studios, and it is a simply stunning piece.  Frankx is a master when it comes to the use of light and shadow, and his visualisations and models are stunning – take a look at my review of his former full region installation, Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor as an example.

To fully enjoy Reflections at Midnight, please make sure you follow some basic instructions, as noted in the sign alongside the piece: set your time of day to midnight, enable ALM (no need to turn shadows on), then climb the steps and sit in the chair. You might also want to swap to Mouselook for a full first person experience as well. I’ve also set an independent media stream for the parcel, so feel free to enjoy that as well when sitting down, if the mood takes you!

Many thanks to Frankx for the gifting of Reflections 🙂 .

Reflections of Midnight: from the inside
Holly Kai Garden: Reflections at Midnight: from the inside

Hopefully, these changes mean that we can finally start the ball rolling with the next series of Art at the Park exhibitions, and the first announcement should be coming up very soon. In the meantime, do please feel free to pay the park a visit; we have walks under the trees, places to sit, snuggle spots, two beaches (east and west side of the region), and those able to access Blake Sea can reach us by water or air, the east side slips offer two hours of mooring time, with re-rezzing from the piers.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Grab a kayak and paddle around Jolly Kai River, if the mood takes you!
Grab a kayak and paddle around Jolly Kai River, if the mood takes you!

Holly Kai Park Revised SLurls

Holly Kai Park is rated Moderate.


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