Bailywick Gallery: images by the sea in Second Life

Bailywick Gallery
Bailywick Gallery

Bailywick Gallery, tucked into the mouth of a bay on Corsica’s southern coastline, is a part of the Kultivate Magazine group. It offers 2D artists (for the most part) the opportunity to display their work free of charge, with an open-air 3D display space outside the gallery building available to artists wishing to show their 3D work as well.

The gallery building takes the form of a marina clubhouse, with display areas on both the ground and upper floors. Curated by Eleseren Brianna, space is granted to artists for two months at a time, on the proviso they are display SL focused images only.

Bailywick Gallery
Bailywick Gallery

At the time of my visit, the 2D artists on display were Sandi Benelli, Ilyra Chardin, Jamie86 Resident and Myra Wildmist, with Theda Tammas presenting a piece in the 3D art area alongside the gallery. The gallery space itself is cosy, complete with space to sit and chat, as well as a small dining room.

Given its location, the gallery can also be reached sea (and possibly by air, but there are a couple of skyborne estates over a part of the waterway when heading to Corsica from the south and areas like Blake Sea), making it perfect for a boating stop-over (although you may find your boat may poof if you’re not a member of the local group).

Those interested in displaying their art at the Ballywick Gallery can find out more via the Kultivate Magazine website.

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