Hide and Seek in Second Life

Hide & Seek; Inara Pey, August 2016, on Flickr Hide & Seek – click any image for full size

It affects us all at one time or another, that feeling of wanting to get away from things for a bit and find somewhere serene where we can wander with our thoughts. Somewhere away from the bricks and mortar, where tracks allow our feet to make decisions for us, and where there are opportunities to just sit or lie down and watch the clouds drift by overhead or the waves wash over soft sands, either on our own or in the company of someone close.

Hide and Seek offers us the chance to do just that in Second Life. This homestead region, the work of Seth Theodore Delwood-Reign (SethCohen Nirvana), is open to the public “for a limited time”, and offers a tranquil simplicity which invites exploration.

Hide & Seek; Inara Pey, August 2016, on Flickr Hide & Seek

From the landing point in the north-west corner of the region, visitors have a choice of a walk around the beaches to the west and south, or to head directly south-east through the island’s woodlands.

The beaches, separated one from another by grassy dunes, offer plenty of opportunities to sit and relax, either indoors or outside, under the sun or in the shade of broad parasols. Wooden beach houses vie with a little motel for visitors’ attention. The former offer seaside holiday charm, the latter the promise of air-conditioned rooms, cable TV and wi-fi, together with sitting cuddle poses. Nearby sits a partially completed building possibly destined to become a doughnut concession, a dirt track meandering by on its way to the grassy plateau occupying the south-east corner of the region.

Hide & Seek; Inara Pey, August 2016, on Flickr Hide & Seek

This plateau is the home of a small holding – but whether it still operates as a farm or is now a holiday home is perhaps open to debate. While there is an run-down barn outside with a tractor parked beside it, the presence of a barbecue and the general decor of the house suggest it is perhaps used more for vacations than anything else.

A track rolls down the side of this little massif, winding its way into the woods below to become the same path as leads the way under the trees from the landing point. Follow this, and you’ll find other tracks branching left and right: one leading back to the beach, another offering a short walk to a little camp site in the shade of the trees, and still another providing access to a cosy drive-in style movie theatre, again with opportunities to sit and / or cuddle. Elsewhere, hanging chairs sit below tree boughs and clearings beckon wanderers. There’s even a chalkboard on the southern side of the woods, hidden from the rest of the beachy sands by bushes, where folk can write and draw to their heart’s content.

Hide & Seek; Inara Pey, August 2016, on Flickr Hide & Seek

All-in-all, Hide & Seek offers the opportunity for a relaxing visit, complete with a gentle ambient sound scape, and an ideal destination for that getaway wander. Or if you prefer, you can grab a bicycle from the landing point and pedal your way over the tracks and sand. Should you visit, do keep in mind the house sitting on the small island in the north-est corner of the region is a private home; otherwise the island is free to roam.

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