1920s Berlin Project celebrates 7 years in Second Life

1920s Berlin Project
1920s Berlin Project

Monday, May 30th marks the start of a week-long celebration at the 1920 Berlin Project, marking the 7th anniversary of the community’s founding.

Offering a trip back in time to the inter-wars years of Berlin, the project is one of Second Life’s success stories, often featured in the media, visited by Lab staff and – most importantly of all – enjoyed by those who have made their homes there.

While there are always activities and events taking place within the city, the week of May 30th through Sunday, June 5th will see a special series of events held to celebrate the 7th anniversary. Among the latter will be a photo contest and the Miss Berlin 1929 contest.

The Photo contest theme is The People of Berlin, with a first prize of L$1,000 and a second prize of L$500 on offer. For full details on the entry requirements, please see the 7th anniversary blog post. However, in brief, entrants are invited to capture a picture of people at work or at play within the Berlin 1920s Project and in period costume, and to upload their images to the 1920 Berlin Project Flickr group, no later than June 3rd. The winning entries will be announced on Saturday, June 4th at the Adlon Tea Dance (see the events schedule, below).

The Miss Berlin 1929 Contest will be a full beauty pageant, featuring both swimsuit and evening wear, and will be held at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Adlon. The compère will be Miss Sasa Steigerwald and music will be provided by DJ Myron Byron. On offer to the winner are a range of prizes supplied by Sonatta Morales, Heinrich Grau and Clarrington Enterprises. For further information on the contest and how to enter, please refer to the contest Facebook page.

1920s Berlin Project
1920s Berlin Project

Note that visitors to 1920 Berlin Project are generally asked to wear suitable period dress when visiting the city (although this rule will be relaxed on Sunday, June 5th). To help with this, there is a selection of free outfits and accessories at the 1920s Berlin Project landing point,  together with some special freebies for the celebratory week.

Commenting on the anniversary celebrations, 1920s Berlin Project founder Jo Yardley said:

In our fantastic neighbourhood people have been extremely creative, active and something great and rare is the result. I cannot put into words how much the sim and its people means to me and to my delight it means a lot to many of those who live there as well.

On the 30th of May 2016 we’re celebrating the 7th (!) anniversary of our sim and we’re going to celebrate with 7 days of events!  We hope you come and be part of the celebrations.

So why not capture a taste of history and hop over to the 1920s Berlin Project during the week?

Schedule of Events

All times SLT – please refer to the official celebrations blog page for any last-minute changes.

Date Time Activity
Monday, May 30th 14:00 Special dinner at the Nussbaum restaurant
13:00 7th Anniversary Dance at the Pariser Platz (At the foot of the Brandenburger Tor) with a show by Sonatta Moralesta Morales and with DJ Myron Byron
 Tuesday, May 31st 14:00 happy hour at the Volksbad!
A party at the public baths – swim suits will be provided.
16:00 A gathering at the exclusive penthouse in the Hotel Adlon for supporters
 Wednesday, June 1st 14:00 Happy Hour at the Biergarten
15:00 Open stage at the Odeon Theatre. Your opportunity to sing or read to the audience, dance, do magic – the stage is yours!
16:00 Special Church service
18:00 Late night extra festive dance at the Hotel Adlon’s ball room
Thursday, June 2nd 02:00 “Tiki” themed party at the Spree, with a bar in a small park near the Spree behind the department store and with “Floating Ring Race” in the Spree with prize, and 1920s submarine toy for everyone
13:00 Car rally around Berlin
14:00 “Tiki” themed Happy Hour with a bar in a small park near the Spree behind the department store.
 Friday, June 3rd 14:00 Festive dinner followed by Tango themed dance at the Hotel Adlon’s ball room.
Submissions for photo contest close!
15:00 Joaquin Gustav live
16:00 Berlin City parade
17:00 Smoking hour in the basement of the Hotel Adlon
18:00  “Herrenclub” party – 18+ only
Saturday, June 4th 11:00 Tea dance at the Hotel Adlon with announcement of Photo contest winner
12:00 Miss Berlin 1929 contest
13:15 Soapbox Airplane race for kids
14:00 Special Cabaret show at the Eldorado
17:00 Extra festive class at the school for all kids
Sunday, June 5th All Day Open Door Day & relaxed rules day (period dress not required) – an opportunity to explore 1920 Berlin, including some private residences, and meet the locals
13:00 Sport and Health Class at Hindenburg Schule
14:00 Special freebie hour at the Biergarten with a free gift for every visitor
15:00 The locals go crazy and rez whatever they want –  so don’t be surprised if flying saucers hover over the city or King Kong climbs the Brandenburger Gate!

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