The art of nature in Second Life

Art By Nature
Art By Nature

Ani (Anibrm Jung) is an award-winning photographer in the physical world who has been active in Second Life since 2006, where she has a gallery, Art By Nature, displaying her own work. And if you enjoy natural photography, then I can say up-front this is a gallery you’re going to want to visit.

Based in the Netherlands, Ani specialises in photographing nature, many of her images captured from her own garden, and all of them recorded using only her Nikon D60 camera and natural light. Everything is framed directly through the viewfinder, and no cropping nor image manipulation is used after the fact. In this way, we are able to see each picture exactly as she did when taking it, allowing us to share her own sense of closeness with her subjects.

Art By Nature
Art By Nature

The result is a stunning series of images, spread across the gallery’s two floors, offering a fine show case of the photographer’s skill in using macro, soft focus, depth of field, lighting, framing, etc., to produce works of art.

Not that any of the images on offer are in any way clinical or technical in look or feel; quite the reverse Ani’s skilled touch and eye with her camera really do enable us to share in the natural beauty and wonder of her pictures, some of which incorporate a unique approach to framing which can add to their depth whilst also again enhancing that feeling we are witnessing the scene with Ani as she captured it with her camera.

Art By Nature
Art By Nature

From the delicate touch of a bee collecting pollen through to the majestic power of rolling surf, going by way of the usually unseen intricacy of a single barb within a wire fence or the playful delight of a cat, there is so much here to capture the eye, making a visit more than worthwhile.

All of the images displayed are available to buy, and if you do visit the gallery, please consider a donation towards its upkeep.

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