Teager requests: “please do not buy from my MP store – for now”

Update, Tuesday February 23rd, 01:15 GMT  / 17:15 SLT, Monday February 22nd: Agent86, Teager’s husband, has been able to confirm that her account(s) have been unbanned by the the Lab. “There is news regarding Teager,” AgentEightyEix announced via the * Breeders Choice * in-world group. “She has been unbanned. She’s not home right now, she got the email on her phone, but I’m sure she’ll be on a little later. For everyone who donated at the donation box, thank you.  No need to do any more.  We’ll take it down tonight, and everything can get back to normal around here.” 

I’ve been asked to help spread the word on the following. If you are a Breeder’s Choice or Teegle customer, please take a moment to read.


Second Life content creator Teager has issued a request via Facebook that people wishing to buy her products – sold through her Breeder’s Choice and Teegle brands –  should, until further notice, do so via her in-world store and not from her Marketplace presence.

The request comes as a result of Teager having her accounts banned from Second Life. This first became apparent on Tuesday, February 16th, Subsequent to this, on February 19th, she was able to ascertain the reason for the ban, which in turn prompted her request for people not to use her Marketplace store.

In making the request, Teager explains why:

So, here is the situation as it stands right now. I have been banned. As of right now, I, including all of my accounts present or future, are permanently banned from Second Life. I AM still fighting this ban and I DO have a legal leg to stand on. Don’t lose faith just yet.

The purpose for the ban was an old alt account of mine, which sold animations on marketplace, including some animations of an adult nature. I am told that I am in violation of the TOS section 6.1 subsection vi, which states that you shall not “(vi) Post, display or transmit any Content or conduct or host any activity that is sexually explicit, or intensely violent.”

Teager, who has been one of the content creators involved in the Lab’s Project Bento work,  believes that the listings in question were actually rated as Adult, and therefore in compliance with section 6.3.iv of the Terms of Service and the associated Maturity Ratings. She is therefore pursuing matters through the Lab’s appeal process. However, the situation might take time to resolve, leaving her with a problem in meeting her tier, as she goes on to explain:

My marketplace store, which is still online, funnels all profit into the Teager account, to which I have no access. That means I CANNOT withdraw any money from purchases made on marketplace right now and I CANNOT place those funds towards the preservation of the sims.

While I argue my case, profits from my rent boxes and from all major items in my store will be forwarded to my husband’s account, agenteightysix. For now, this includes all items costing 900L or more, but I will notify you of additional items as time goes on. Please do your best to assure that any first time buyers purchase through my in world shop, not my marketplace store, so that I can funnel that money into keeping the sims running while I am without access to my account. I have also transferred all of the mall’s rental boxes to pay towards my husband’s account as well, so all payments towards mall rent boxes from this moment forward will also go towards keeping the sims running.

For further information on the situation, plus any updates from Teager, please refer to either her explanatory Facebook post  or her Facebook page timeline. I’ll also update this post and / or follow-up on it as I receive further news from Teager or agenteightysix.

Note: subsequent to this article, I received news that two other SL content creators have also received recent bans: ~ Ladies Pleasure ~, and Warm Animations. See here and here for more.

Follow-up article: Sundry thoughts on recent bans in Second Life.

4 thoughts on “Teager requests: “please do not buy from my MP store – for now”

  1. Hello Inara,
    I to had my store Anam Cara Designs banned on February 19, 2016. I have been running my store since 2009 and never gotten in trouble for anything in Second Life. I have been given no reason as to my accounts being closed other than the exact same response everyone else is getting as well
    Avatar: Stormm Firecaster
    Type: Account on Hold
    Status: Waiting for Customer Acceptance

    Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. Linden Lab has reviewed your appeal of our decision to permanently terminate your Second Life access.

    The original decision to terminate your Second Life access was reached after investigation of your use of the Second Life software and service. Upon further examination of your case, we have determined that the permanent closure of your accounts was justified and correctly applied.

    The evidence shows that you have severely or repeatedly violated the Second Life Terms of Service or Community Standards, and therefore your account and any alternate Second Life accounts are now permanently inaccessible.

    This concludes our investigation of your appeal. Please consider the matter resolved, as no further communications on this matter will be sent.


    Ginger Linden

    I have been filing appeals every single day since then and all of them get immediately closed without being responded to at all. I thought perhaps due to my having more than five avatars and even offered to pay the $9.95 that it says in their own TOS they may charge for anything over the amount allowed, but still no response.
    Today I found out about Warm Animations and the others that were banned as well and I am floored. LL doesn’t say my accounts are banned, but that they are permanently inaccessible. They continue to make money off of my marketplace sales, which I find horribly wrong when I have no access to the content to help fix any item bought anymore and customers buying in good faith have no idea if something goes wrong there will be no help.
    I had also left a notice on my Facebook and my Flickr page asking that people stop buying from my marketplace store, but so far sales have been through the roof (I still receive the email notifications for each and every one of them).
    I have no idea what to do, so, I thought I would ask for your opinion or to see if you had any idea where I can turn to try and get help. I have been in Second Life since 2007 originally and I don’t just play SL, I live SL. I am disabled and home bound in RL, Second Life is my only means of contact to most of the outside world. I can’t lose my life, I just can’t. If you can help with information maybe, it would be greatly appreciated. I had no idea where else to turn, since I only know a handful of people in Second Life. Thank you so much for your time and for getting the word out about everything going on, I thought I was the only one going through this, it helps to at least know, I am not alone.

    Here is a link to my blog for what I had posted about my being banned, not sure if it will help or not…

    Stormm Firecaster


  2. I am the same Stormm, I too am a creator and have been banned from SL without explanation, other than LL quoting me their Term of Service 6 (vi) which states: “Post, display or transmit any Content or conduct or host any activity that is sexually explicit, or intensely violent”.

    I too was banned on 19 February 2016 and had to guess why I had been banned in order to make an appeal which wasn’t successful, but then I was playing a guessing game based on the clause above. Ginger linden responded in sending the exact same email to me, in summery saying my ban was final and they wouldn’t engage in any further communication on the matter. I too see my items on Market Place being sold with no way of collecting any monies from the sales or responding to customer enquiries, which is sole destroying as this will lead to negative feedback eventually and with having over 350 items listed I receive emails of sales on a daily basis.

    I have been in a state of shock ever since I was banned last week and my heart was lifted when I read that others have had their ban lifted. This gave me the strength to submit a further appeal ticket, which I sent to them yesterday (Sat) and as yet have not had any response, so I’m hoping that as the 24 hour deadline for a reply has passed and no closed ticket email has arrived yet there may be a glimmer of hope. SL is my whole life too so I totally understand, so please let me know how you get on?


  3. I am trying to understand how some people that were banned that day, have been allowed back into SL. It is though they are doing things at a whimsy. There are vendors I have purchased items from that are wonderful, and yet now they have been banned, and meanwhile Linden is making money off of their hard work. I say give them all an opportunity to come back to SL. Ruby< I understand completely. I was hospitalized well over half of last year, SL kept me sane and it too, is my whole life.


  4. I’ve been following this whole affair these past few days, and I must say I find it truly bizarre. I wonder how many other people got caught in that weird ban wave and simply walked away in disgust. The obviously automated nature of the appeal answers I’ve seen doesn’t exactly raise confidence in LL’s appeal process either.

    Well, at least some people got those decisions reversed, let’s hope everyone else can get heard soon.


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