SL project updates 16 6/1: server and viewer

Calas Galadhon; Inara Pey, February 2016, on Flickr Calas Galadhon – Gulf of Lune – blog post

Server Deployments

There are no server deployments planned for week #6. The reason for this is that most of the staff directly involved in developing and enhancing the platform – the engineering team, product teams, etc., are meeting to discuss plans for further enhancements and improvement to Second Life in the coming month, as existing projects such as Bento continue to unfold.

This more than likely means the next deployment will take place Wednesday, February 17th, 2016, to at least one of the RC channels.

This also means the detailed project information is liable to be a little light this week as well.

SL Viewer

The HTTP / Vivox RC viewer was updated post my last SL projects Updates in week #5. Version, issued on February 4th. This update includes three new fixes:

  • MAINT-6055 [corehttp] Win or Mac – voice does not stay connected on resume from sleep
  • MAINT-6064 Voice disappeared after rejected IM call
  • MAINT-6108 Cannot turn off ‘Console Window on next Run’ option in develop menu.

There has been no promotion to release viewer for any of the current RCs, which leaves things as follows for the release channel and project viewers:

  • Current Release version:, January 15 – formerly the Maintenance RC viewer download page, release notes
  • RC viewer (+ the HTTP / Vivox RC above):
    • Maintenance RC viewer version released on February 2 – 38 updates. fixes and tweaks (download and release notes)
    • Quick Graphics RC viewer updated to version on January 20 – Avatar Complexity and graphics pre-sets (download and release notes)
  • Project viewers:
    • Project Bento (avatar skeleton extensions) version released on January 20 – adds 90+ bones to the existing avatar skeleton (download and release notes)
    • Oculus Rift project viewer updated to version on October 13, 2015 – Oculus Rift DK2 support (download and release notes)
  • Obsolete platform viewer version dated May 8, 2015 – Windows XP and OS X older than 10.7 (download and release notes)

Open Development Meeting

The Open Development (also called the open source developer meeting), hosted in-world by Oz Linden, will be moving from Monday to Wednesday from February 17th, the time remains unchanged.

Core User Group Meetings

As a reminder, information on current LL technical user group meetings can be found on the SL wiki, and are summarised here. Meetings have an open attendance, but please note that are specifically for discussing the subjects listed. Question on matter such as support issues, the Terms of Service, LL’s general policies, etc., cannot be addressed at these meetings, which are chaired purely by members of the engineering and QA teams.

  • Tuesday, 12:00-13:00 SLT: Simulator User Group (formerly the Server / Sim Scripting group) – Simulator issues and technology. Held in text chat. Meeting SLurl
  • Wednesday,  07:00-08:00 SLT: Open Development – discussion of SL development, including open source contributions. Held in text chat. Meeting SLurl
  • Thursday, 13:00-14:00 SLT Project Bento  – Avatar Skeleton Extension project. Held in voice + text chat. Meeting SLurl (Aditi): Mesh Sandbox 2
  • Thursday, Server Beta User Group (SBUG) – server changes and public beta testing.  Held in text chat. Meeting SLurl (Aditi): Morris

There is also the TPV Developer meeting, held on alternate Fridays, which is specifically aimed at TPV Developers, and which is primarily held in voice.

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