Pocket Metaverse no more?

PM-logoUpdate: As per the comment from AI Austin below, those who have previously purchased Pocket Metaverse can currently still update the the latest version / obtain a replacement version through iTunes.

Pocket Metaverse has been a text-based client available for iPad and iPhone users to access Second Life and engage with friends through chat and IM, manage inventory, teleport, make payments, etc.

It was last updated on September 8th, 2015, ostensibly providing compatibility with iOS 9, although in the process, this appeared to break support for iOS 7 and 8.

During November the download page for Pocket Metaverse vanished from Apple’s app listings on the iTunes store and so is no longer available to those wishing to download it for the first time, a fact more widely noted earlier in December. While the dedicated web site for the application remains live, searches of iTunes still fail to yield any results.

Search of the App Store on iTunes fail to yield any sign of Pocket Metaverse, which vanished from the store during November 2015
Search of the App Store on iTunes fail to yield any sign of Pocket Metaverse, which vanished from the store during November 2015

While the application may have vanished from iTunes, I understand existing versions are still working in-world (with the possible issue of version 1.9.4 not supporting iOS 7 or 8); however, as I am not an Apple user, I cannot verify this.

I’ve attempted to contact the developer of Pocket Metaverse, Edward Magic, both in-world and via e-mail during the last couple of weeks, to try to ascertain news on the application’s overall status, but have yet to receive any response (Edward doesn’t appear to have logged-in to SL since June 2013, although as noted, the application has continued to be updated through until September 2015). Should I receive a response I will update this article.


11 thoughts on “Pocket Metaverse no more?

  1. The freshly downloaded copy works for Second Life and OpenSim (OSGrid if set up with correct login.osgrid.org loginuri, Openvue and AiLand) accounts on my tests.

    The app shows for previously purchasers, but is not showing in the app stor on a normal seatch, so I assume cannot at the moment be bought by ne users.


    1. Thanks again – as a non-Apple user, I was unable to test this. Have added a comment to the top of the article, linking to your original comment 🙂 .


  2. I have an Apple iPhone 6s Plus and have used pocket meta verse up until last week June 2016. Now it is gone from my iPhone and I did not delete it. Very strange.


  3. Pocket MV still works on iPad. But it is not in the App Store anymore. So i dont know how anybody could get this Pocket Metaverse app on their iPad. Why aren’t there any iOS viewers for SL anymore??


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