Strawberry’s Ask Me Anything challenge

Berry has been at it again, offering up a Monday Meme challenge 🙂 . This one is based around her creating an account, on which she invited people, via her blog and her social media accounts, to ask her questions. She was challenged to share some of the results on her blog, and the result is her latest (as of the end of June) challenge.

It’s another of Berry’s challenges that tweaked my curiosity, so I decided to give it a go  – in part, at least. I’m not intending to create an account at this point in time – not out of any fear of the questions I get, but because my time is such that the account would likely end-up languishing as I fiddle with other things. So, I’ll content myself with addressing her questions.

L'Arc-en-Ciel, WinterFall; Inara Pey, July 2014, on Flickr
Standing at the bows of Exotix 2, my Loonetta 31 sailing cruiser, moored alongside my island home

If Linden Lab shut the door on Second Life, what do you think you might do to replace it, or the time you spend on it. Gaming, school, work, reading, other virtual world, etc? I was writing on-line prior to my involvement in SL, and have recently been engaged to write on subjects related to technology(!) and other things elsewhere, so I’d likely focus far more on that, and switch back to broader writing under my given name. I’d also probably get a lot more reading done!

What would you consider your mission statement for your blog? Well, first and foremost to educate myself. I’ve said elsewhere that I’m generally not a technologist, nor was I particularly au fait with Second Life when I first started blogging (not that this ever stopped me from being critical or sounding off!). So this blog (under the Modemworld title, at least) has been very much about my desire to learn more about the platform, the Lab, to understand how things actually hang together (rather than just relying upon my own assumptions and misconceptions), and to try to be objective in my critiques and opinions, as and when given; when it comes to news articles I try to steer clear of subjective editorising.

On a broader scale, I hope people enjoy what they find here, and that my travelogue pieces and arts reviews offer sufficient interest to encourage folk who might otherwise not travel to places far and wide, or who have thought much about art in SL to go and take a peek. I also hope the personal notes I slip into the blog help people understand me a little better.

What would you change about your Second Life right now if you could just press a magic button and have it automatically happen? Have circumstances change such that I’d never allowed a couple of friendships from a good few years ago slip away prematurely. The people concerned subsequently ceased being active in SL. While I don’t presume that my friendship would have prevented them vanishing, I do wish I’d taken better care of things so we might have enjoyed more times together in conversation and bouncing around places before they opted to take flight. 

What topic would you like to see explored in a non fashion blog post? Anything you are curious about and want someone else to do all the research? Umm… honestly don’t know. I actually like researching and delving into things myself (one of the reasons some of my own posts take time to appear – I easily go off at tangents when researching, as I love discovering things & information!).

Ichi-go Ichi-E, Fantasy Faire 2015 Inara Pey, April 2015, on Flickr Ichi-go Ichi-E from Fantasy Faire 2015 (Flickr) – Fantasy Faire is always one of my favourite annual SL events (see below)

Do you have a point of contact in SL? Someone that a person from your RL knows to contact in case something happens to you or you are unable to get online for an extended period of time? No. But now you’re raised the question, and for those I’m am close to, it’s something I should consider.

What provides you the most inspiration and motivation to keep learning and growing? What keeps you from being held back by the common negativity in Second Life and elsewhere? Negativity doesn’t really annoy me per se, it’s a fact of life. Misconceptions and  / or misrepresentations of issues and matters do tend to irritate, however. Inspirationally speaking, I am constantly inspired by people’s creativity, in SL and elsewhere. Our capacity for learning, for self-expression, to explore, learn and understand – all of these inspire me, be it through activities, things like space programmes, the art of others or the words they have written or spoken or sung.

How do you deal with other bloggers (who don’t know you personally) that are spiteful towards you? I can think of no better reply than Berry’s: “I ignore them and pretend they don’t exist because I have better things to do with my time then worry about what some random person on the internet thinks of me.”

What is your advice to those that admire you and what you do, hoping to be able to do some of the same things with as much confidence as you often seem to have? Don’t try to emulate me. I’m as flawed as the next person. Set aside time to listen to your own voice; look to the things that you like / enjoy / find important to yourself. And don’t take any externalising of confidence as a sign of anything from anyone; we’re all human, and masks are easy to hold up to the world and are not always as revelatory as we so often quote Oscar Wilde as being the case.

Name 5 favourite events in Second Life

Name three of your favourite blogs

(OK, I admit that’s more than three for SL, etc. But do you know how hard limiting it to three is?!)

Thanks, Berry! Looking forward to seeing what else you think up through the summer! 🙂