A little More time in Second Life

Lacy Muircastle chatting to me on the garden terrace at home
Lacy Muircastle chatting to me on the garden terrace at home

I was recently contacted by Lacy Muircastle of More magazine if I’d be willing to be interviewed about my Second Life and this blog. The request came via note card, often the easiest why to contact me in-world and was, in all honesty, something of a surprise.

For those unfamiliar with the title, More is a monthly magazine published in-world and on-line by Maxes Loon, who runs the moolto.com social network site for avatars (I actually reviewed Moolto back in 2011, alongside of 2nd Friends – although that review is likely to be very long in the tooth). More covers range of topics – fashion, blogging, writing, photography – and is available through kiosks in-world and through the Moolto website.

As noted, the request for an interview came as a surprise – I genuinely don’t consider myself to be interesting interview material; but I agreed, and in due course was able to address Lacy’s questions, which were considered and framed in such a way that I quite possibly got rather verbose in my replies – she’s a very skilled interviewer!

At the time, I hadn’t appreciated that the piece was intended to be the feature article for More’s July issue, and was again genuinely surprised when Maxes, who also works as the magazine’s photographer as well as its publisher, dropped by to discuss photos, and mentioned this into the conversation!

The July issue is now available, and I have to say that Lacy has done a marvellous job in turning my ramblings into something cohesive and (I hope!) readable. As those who know me are only too well aware, once I do get going, I’m a little hard to shut up 🙂 . I’m also very flattered that Maxes opted to use a number of images I’d taken from locations (Flux ser Mer and the now sadly gone Venexia).

As well as yours truly, this month’s issue also features photographer Isa Messioptra, Mr. Virtual World Canada, Barney Helendale, blogger Capricia, a useful resource on in-world writing groups compiled by Lacy and, well, More.

So, even if you don’t fancy reading about me, there’s plenty more of interest in the magazine to make reading the July edition worthwhile. You can also keep up-to-date with each month’s issue from the home page of the Moolto website.

My thanks to Lacy and Maxes for the invitation and their time. 

Dolphin viewer bows out of Second Life, Adams style

dolphin-logoSometimes it takes us humans quite some time to admit something to ourselves that we don’t want to admit, but eventually there’s no more putting it off.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce the end. It’s over. No more new Dolphin Viewer.

Thus opens a blog post dated June 22nd, from Lance Corrimal, which I am ashamed to admit I missed when it appeared.   It serves as an introduction to Lance officially announcing the end of all Dolphin viewer development / maintenance work at his end of things.

He goes on:

With my current RL job and all the travelling that I’m doing there are more exciting things to do with the little time I have to spend on SL and other hobbies, than maintaining a third-party viewer… especially when most of the “maintenance” involves fixing stuff that shouldn’t have been broken in the first place.

I have been porting a few of the things that used to be in Dolphin Viewer 3 to Firestorm in the last few weeks …  I invite the FS team to grab anything from there that they like.

TheDolphin Machinima Toolbox was one of the last additions to Dolphin to be release (in beta form), and held a lot of promise
The Dolphin Machinima Toolbox was one of the last additions to Dolphin to be release (in beta form), and held a lot of promise

This is sad news; over the years Lance had built the Dolphin viewer into an excellent offering (it was my second viewer of choice of a good while). But time has conspired against him, even though he did attempt to get the viewer back on track (and in doing so started implementing some nice additions, such as the Machinima Toolbox, seen on the right).

But the viewer is very much a living, evolving things, and playing catch-up, even with the best will in the world, can become increasingly hard (and probably more than a little demotivating when the “to do” list constantly remains longer than the “done” list). This being the case, we can hardly blame Lance for wanting to spend what free time he has to devote to SL in enjoying things in-world that he finds fun and relaxing; I know if I were in his shoes, I’d have given up a long time ago.

Lance closes his blog post with a paraphrase of a Douglas Adams quote, saying, “Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!”

I’ll add a small response of my own, “thanks, Lance, for all of your work over the years. May the wind be always be at your back!”

With thanks for the pointer to Nalates Urriah

RFL: Join Sail4Life in a special July 4th celebration!

The Fastnet Rock Lighthouse, blake Sea Crow's Nest, will form a fitting backdop to the July 4th Sail4Life event
The Fastnet Rock Lighthouse, Blake Sea Crow’s Nest, will form a fitting backdrop to the July 4th Sail4Life event

Saturday, July 4th is a special day for the United States, and Sail4Life plan to celebrate it in a special way – and are giving an open invitation to anyone to join them in doing so.

Blast In the Blake is a day of music, celebration and dance that’s being organised and hosted by the Sail4Life team. The event will take place on a special stage, complete with mooring areas for boats (and even helipads for flying in guests, I understand!), which will rise from the seas at Blake Sea – Haggerty especially for the event.

Things will kick-off at 11:00 on Saturday, July 4th, and run through until around 16:30, with the schedule (at the time of writing) reading thus – all times SLT:

  • 11:00 – 13:00: DJ G Winz
  • 13:00  -14:00:  Satin & Erin, live music
  • 14:00 – 16:00: DJ Barry
  • 16:00 – 16:30: fireworks.

Those wishing to attended are invited to teleport in, or to sail over and moor alongside. All donations received through the event will go directly to Relay For Life of Second Life.

So, why not don your beachwear and slip on your shades on Saturday, then hop or sail on over for a Blast on the Blake, and support RFL of SL with Sail$Life whilst celebrating July 4th?

Note the SLurl in this article will not be valid until the event itself – so be prepared to make a splash if you use it beforehand! 🙂