The Second Life Music Fest

L12B Community Celebration; Inara Pey, June 2015, on FlickrSL12B: Ixtlan Stage – Cube Republic, June 2015 (Flickr)

To mark SL12B, Linden Lab announced in May that they’d be holding a live Music Festival, and went on to hold auditions for artists and groups at Feed A Smile’s Lavender Fields.

On Wednesday, June 24th, the Lab announced the official dates and schedule for the Festival (although the keen-eyed would have already noted it on the SL12BCC event schedule, where the line-up has been available as well).

The event will take place at Cube Republic’s excellent Ixtlan Stage over the course of Friday, June 26th and Saturday June 27th.

The full line-up for the event reads as follows – all times SLT:

Friday, June 26th
Saturday, June 27th
11:00: Alazarin Mondrian 20:00: Mavenn Resident
11:30: The Pink Vampire 20:30: Oblee
Noon: Tamra Hayden 21:00: Collin Martin
12:30: Effinjay 21:30: Taunter Goodnight
13:00: Amforte Clarity 22:00: Donn DeVore
13:30: Isabella Rumsford 22:30: Zak Claxton
14:00: Tempio Breil 23:00: LuvofMusic
14:30: Phoenix J 23:30: Ren Enberg & Quai Franklin

The line-up has been selected to represent a broad cross-section of live music in Second Life, and the auditions proved popular among musicians and residents in the audience alike.

As well as hearing great music, the festival offers a further opportunity for exploring the Ixtlan stage build. Cube’s design really is amazing, and time taken to enter the caverns and walk through them really is highly recommended.


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