Second Life project updates 21/2: general notes

Living in a Bowl
Living in a Bowl, May 2015 – blog post

Server Deployments, Week 21

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread for the latest updates / news.

On Tuesday, May 19th the Main (SLS) channel received the server maintenance package previously deployed to the three RC channel, comprising Internal server logging changes, back-end system bug fixes and a change to Reply-To e-mail addressing on snapshots. There were no RC deployments on Wednesday, May 20th.

SL Viewer

The Attachments Viewer RC (Project Big Bird) was updated to version on Thursday May 21st. As noted in part 1 of this week’s report, the initial RC release of this viewer had an elevated crash rate compared to the current release viewer, including a crash-on-exit bug, so this release will hopefully address those issues.

Group Chat

A fix for issues around BUG-9130, where some people were unable to see any posts in some or all of there group chats, including their own posts, while everyone else in the same group could see their posts, has started to be deployed across the chat servers, and should be completed on Friday, May 22nd.

“The chat servers got stuck with bad info about where the sender was, so the messages never reached them,” Simon Linden said at the Server Beta User Group meeting on Thursday, May 21st, reiterating an explanation given at a recent Simulator UG meeting. “And unfortunately it wouldn’t fix with relogging or even a chat server restart.”

“Loading…” Issue with Names in Group Chats

This is a viewer-side problem which causes avatar names to appear as “Loading” under certain circumstances in group chat (see BUG-3829 and STORM-2114). A contribution by Ansariel Hiller is currently with the Lab and is expected to be released as a part of the next Snowstorm contributions viewer, which is expected to appear soon.

Other Items

Region Restart Glitch

There has been something of a rise in reports of regions experiencing issues following recent following restarts – most noticeably caps failures. This is something the Lab is looking into, and Simon commented, “we have a suspicion that after rolls, as that server host starts up regions, it’s doing enough of them at about the same time that things get overloaded.   It’s still a theory but makes some sense why we’d get cap failures like that.”

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