Next Lab meet-up: Basilique Town – Thursday, May 14th

Basilique Town - selected as the venue of the Thursday, May 14th Linden meet-up
Basilique Town – selected as the venue of the Thursday, May 14th Linden meet-up

On Friday, May 8th, Xiola Linden extended an invitation to users to suggest the location for the next in-world Linden meeting-up.

Many suggestions were forthcoming for the event, which has, since it’s resumption, taken place at “Mole Town”, aka Meauxle Bureaux (see my report on the last gathering).

However, the venue for the next meet-up has now been confirmed. Scheduled to take place from 13:00 on Thursday, May 14th, the gathering will take place at Canary Becks’ outstanding Basilique Town.

The Basilique Theatre
The Basilique Theatre, Basilique Town

For those who have not visited Basilique before, you’re in for a treat. Frequently featured in blogs as a place of outstanding beauty and design. There’s a host of things to see and do here, and the region hosts events of its own and is, of course, the home of the Basilique Performing Arts Company, who has staged the outstanding Romeo + Juliet and ground-breaking Paradise Lost at the threatre occupying the south-east corner of the region.

With its mix of architecture, outlining islands and backdrop of rugged peaks, Basilique presents a wonderful Mediterranean look which blends a cosmopolitan feel with more coastal, rural look which simply invites exploration.

So, even if you don’t make the Linden meet-up, and have not visited Basilique Town before, make sure you add it to your itinerary!

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11 thoughts on “Next Lab meet-up: Basilique Town – Thursday, May 14th

    1. What? Hamlet comment on a region that disproves his statement that adult = “extreme sexual and violent content”?


    1. Want to place a bet, or is off-grid gambling illegal too?

      I know that it doesn’t count as skilled gaming, because Hamlet’s the epitome of an unskilled journalist.



  1. Adult rated region, and the first thing you get when you arrive is a set of rules about permitted avatars and clothing. They obviously haven’t seen Torley Linden and some of the others likely to come.


  2. Sadly i do fear i’ll pass on it, not cause of the dress code and i’m sure the lindens will follow it, but cause ill be working still:( But i do hope to see some of them on Sunday for the Bay city Parade:)


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