The Whispering Winds of Marathon Caye

Marathon Kaye
Marathon Caye

I’m going slightly off my usual beaten track with this travelogue in order to try to cover two interlinked regions through a single post.

Marathon Caye and Whispering Winds are two regions operated by Shaylin Yordstorm / Mrs (Taylee) Aldrin and Cranston Yordstorm / Cuthbert Aldrin which, while physically separated on the grid, are unified into a singular whole by the magic of teleporting. So much so that it really doesn’t matter which one you opt to visit first in your explorations; you’ll likely end up moving back and forth between the two as you visit the various attractions and features.

If I were to define both regions at all, it would be as a rural entertainment / amusement park venue, located in a woodland setting. Both offer a range of rides – log flumes, roller coasters, slides, bungee jumps (a first for me in SL!),  – as well as opportunities for paddling around on the water and to meet Dwarfins.

Whispering Winds
Whispering Winds

With a total of six music venues across both regions (The Pavilion, The Rock House and The Ranch on whispering Winds, and Club CTO, the Amphitheatre and The Arboretum on Marathon Caye), keeping track of all that might be going on across the two regions is probably best achieved by checking the various Facebook pages Kaylin / Taylee and Cranston / Cuthbert have created, or through joining one of the relevant groups for the regions. Invites to the latter can be received on your arrival, while links to the former are available throughout both regions. In addition, there are Flickr groups for both regions for those who want to share the pictures they take (again, grab the links when visiting both regions).

For couples out for a quiet time together, there are various secluded spots to be found and various quieter rides to be enjoyed – such as the hot air balloon, a trip out on the water on a pedalo or rowing boat, floating soap bubbles, horse rides, and so on. Keep an eye out, as well for teleport links to the beach, the log cabin and so forth.

Marathon Caye
Marathon Caye

The landscape in both locations occupies a mixes of elevations, and if I’m honest, some of the building seem a little precariously perched in  places. However, this is SL, a place where we can change the laws of physics if we like – or at least get them to look the other way – so who says everything must always be entirely natural-looking. Certainly the higher plateaus offer plenty of opportunities for a little exercise.

The various rides offer an additional level of fun to the regions, and having tired them all, I can say they work pretty well, and the water slide, roller coaster and log flume are quite effective in Mouselook, while the bungee jump certainly adds a new perspective on Second Life when viewed that way!

Marathon Caye
Marathon Caye

Given both regions are so full of things to do and see, keeping draw distance turned down might be in order for you, should you visit and depending on your system’s capabilities; I did note my own frame rates constantly dipping into the low teens during my explorations.

If you’re looking for a venue offering a range of live music events and activities to enjoy either on your own or in the company of friends, and which offers plenty of opportunities for retreat on the ground and in the air, a visit to Marathon Caye / Whispering Winds might well be the ticket.

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4 thoughts on “The Whispering Winds of Marathon Caye

  1. On physics and such, I often notice an exaggerated vertical scale on scenery in SL, and not only because of the hyper-tall AV custom. To get away from it needs the landscape to be built over multiple regions, which the Lindens do, but some of the mountain reads over the northern Snowlands are steeper than anything you want to drive on for real.

    (The RL Honister Pass has 1-in-4 gradients. That’s only 64m height difference in 256m, and Rosedale Chimney his 1-in-3)

    Maybe if VR had you pedalling an exercise bike in front of your computer things might be a little different.


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