The majesty of creation in Second Life

Angel Manor: the subject of a beautiful new video by its creator, Kaya Angel
Angel Manor: the subject of a beautiful new video by its creator, Kaya Angel

Kaya Angel is one of Second Life’s most respected builders, and his Angel Manor estate is rightly admired across the grid both as a build in its own right and as a venue for art, fund raising events and a more. I

As a designer / builder, Kaya naturally turned to emerging capabilities to further enhance his commercial and commissioned work, and to enhance Angel Manor itself – so much so, that I keep reminding myself I’m overdue for a visit in order to write an update to my March 2013 piece on the manor, as so much has changed since then.

In celebration of the manor, and to demonstrate just how immersive Second Life can look and feel, Kaya has produced a new 6-minute video entitled Second Life: A different perception, which has been drawing widespread praise from all who have seen it and is without a doubt, simply superb.

Marvellously edited, matched to an excellent soundtrack, this is a film which can hardly fail to evoke a feeling of wonder, joy and pride in the heart of anyone who has invested time and energy into Second Life. If ever there was a banner by which we can proclaim to the world just what is possible within SL for the creative mind, then this film is it.

Kudos, Kaya, and thank you.

with thanks to the G+ pointer from Whirly Fizzle.

6 thoughts on “The majesty of creation in Second Life

  1. A masterful video of a truly exquisite build …..and an inspiration to those of us that seek to share our humble plots with the residents of Second Life/
    Thank you Kaya, and thank you too Inara for bringing such delights to our attention..


  2. What an outstanding video! Kaya Angel has done a fantastic job of capturing what could be considered the best of Second Life. Such great work, not only in the video – which is excellent, but also in the build. If there were 7 Wonders of Second Life (which there should be if there isn’t yet!), I’d easily nominate Angel Manor Estates as one. I have many fond memories from there, and hope to continue making many more! Thanks for sharing this Inara.


    1. You’re welcome; as noted, my thanks go to Whirls for pointing people (myself included) to it on G+. Kaya is an angel, generous of heart and spirit, as anyone who knows him will agree, and you’re right – he has made Angel Manor one of the wonders of Second Life.


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