SL project updates week 39/2: server releases, viewer, misc

The Trace, April 2014 by Inara Pey, on FlickrThe Trace, April 2014 (Flickr) – blog post

Server Deployments Week 39 – Recap

As always, please refer to the forum discussion thread for the latest updates and information.

  • There was no scheduled deployment to the Main (SLS) channel this week.
  • On Wednesday 24th September, all three RC channel received a further update to the Experience Tool maintenance release deployed in week 38, which includes:
    • llGetExperienceDetails(), now includes group_id in return list. In addition,
    •  llUpdateKeyValue() now correctly creates a key if it did not previously exist
    • Objects using experience permissions and llAttachToAvatar() are no longer automatically detached when leaving an area where the Experience is allowed.

SL Viewer

The promised viewer using the new GPU benchmark system appeared as a project viewer on Thursday September 25th. Version, includes MAINT-3131, which is simply described as “Death to the GPU Table”, which pretty much sums the viewer up!

Rather than using the GPU table as a means of determining default graphics level for a graphics card, the viewer measures the memory bandwidth of the card, and sets the default based on that (plus a couple of other parameters. The release notes add, “Initial settings on shiny powerful hardware should now let that hardware shine. Initial settings on low-end machines should not degrade performance from current experience.”

CDN and Regions

The Snack RC is currently being used for CDN testing on Agni. As noted in my week 38 updates, Denby, Hippo Hollow, Hippotropolis and Testsylvania Sandbox were initially placed on the RC, and they have since been joined by Brasil Rio, Brocade, Fluffy, Freedom City, Rocket City and Whippersnapper.

Group Ban Trivia

OK, so not exactly an update, but Baker Linden indicates that some 4500 group bans have occurred since the arrival of the group ban list functionality in the official viewer (and a number of TPVs). Will be interesting to hear how that number increases once Firestorm includes the capability.


4 thoughts on “SL project updates week 39/2: server releases, viewer, misc

  1. I did a tour of the CDN regions. Firestorm, progressive draw distance off, draw distance 256M. They were, for the most part “just there”! A few sculpties took perhaps 10 seconds but otherwise there was no sense of rezing at all. This will make a huge difference if it can be scaled up.


    1. That’s good to know. I’ve been meaning to do the same myself, but it’s still on my (ever-growing) “to do” list!


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