Calling viewer developers: help enhance and improve SL Go!

SL go logoOnLive, the company behind the revolutionary SL Go service which streams the SL viewer and  SL content directly to the user’s computer or Android device, is looking to supplement the development of their version of the viewer by hiring contract developers to help with fixes and new features.

Since its introduction in March 2014, SL Go has proven popular among SL users, and OnLive have sought to improve the service in order to better meet users’ needs. In April 2014, for example, the company introduced a new pricing model in response to users’ feedback, and on Tuesday June 3rd, the company announced that the original 20-minute free trial period had been replaced by a 7-day free trial.

SL Go by OnLive: the full functionality of Second Life as seen on a Nexus HD 2013
SL Go by OnLive: the full functionality of Second Life as seen on a Nexus HD 2013

Now, conscious of the pace with which the SL viewer is developing, OnLive want to ensure their viewer keeps up-to-date with developments coming out of the Lab and – potentially, as things progress over time – incorporate some of the functionality seen in other TPVs.

“We are looking to move forward with SL Go in many ways,” Dennis Harper, the Senior Product Manager for SL Go at OnLive informed me when he contacted me about this move. “The first order of business would be to merge our code to the latest branch of the SLV code, bringing SL Go completely up to date. Then, it becomes more features.  I’d like to do a number of tweaks on the UI and camera to make it easier to use on a tablet.  Then voice chat would be a huge addition.  The text chat system needs an overhaul.”

The work would be offered on a paid contract basis, and subject to applicants passing an interview process. However, the benefits could be far-reaching, as Dennis pointed out to me, “I would think that this would be a fantastic opportunity for developers,” he said. “They would get to create cutting-edge technology and work with a world-class development organisation.”

So, if you have a solid track record of viewer code development and enhancement, and you would like to be involved in a project at the very cutting-edge of viewer development and implementation, then OnLive would like to hear from you.

To make your interest known, please submit an e-mail with a brief summary of your background and experience to Dennis Harper, Senior Product Manager, OnLive, at this address:

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  1. The new price structure & full week free trial make it rather tempting, but I’ll wait until they implement voice chat, high-res snapshots and 1080p quality. At that moment it will be useful enough for me, though I suspect the last thing might command a higher fee (not to mention, it’d probably need a much better wireless connectivity).


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