Kokua 3.7.6: Breakpad, Merchant Outbox and Voice

kokua-logoThe Kokua team released version on Wednesday April 30th, keeping to a roughly monthly release run for the last three experimental and full releases.

As always, please refer to the Kokua release notes for the full accreditation of any updates mentioned below.

The new version sees Kokua maintains parity with the Lab’s 3.7.5 and 3.7.6 code base releases, and sees the viewer gain the recent Google Breakpad changes (and fixes for the same from the Lab), as well as the Merchant Outbox fixes and the remaining voice updates for windows and Mac (these libraries ere merged into an earlier release of Kokua, so this release sees the final updates.

Together, the Voice and Merchant Outbox changes comprise the use of Vivox 4.6.x libraries for improved stability & to address Mac Mavericks issues and fixes for accurately detecting Merchant status & improving Merchant Outbox error recovery.

Kokua can now display Received Items as a regular inventory folder, allow the pull-up option is also still displayed
Kokua can now display Received Items as a regular inventory folder, allow the pull-up option is also still displayed

In addition, the release sees a number of TPV and Kokua team updates, the former notably coming from Firestorm. These comprise:

  • An option to display the Received Items section of the inventory floater as a regular folder
  • Hide empty system folders

Check boxes for both options can be found in Preferences > Kokua > Inventory. Note that when the Received Items folder is active, the slide-up Received Items bar at the foot of the inventory panel will remain visible, rather than being hidden (as is the case with the likes of Firestorm).

In addition, the release includes the following updates from the Kokua team:

  • Fixes for several merge regressions from RLVa affecting Kokua functionally
  • Windows: returned functionally of local chat right-click menu music stream title display. This was removed when FmodEx was installed
  • Macintosh: streaming music is now using the FmodEx library and streams appear more reliable than with previously used Quicktime
  • UI enhancements:
    • Fix for the parcel name not changing unless “Show region coordinates” was switched on
    • “Report Abuse” added to right-click context menus for objects and avatars.

This release doesn’t contain the SSA / AIS v3 updates (which are still only at RC status in the LL viewer). The reason given for this is that there are currently no public RLV / RLVa repositories containing a working merge of sunshine-external the SSA / AISv3 code, and Nicky Perian, the Kokua lead, doesn’t feel he is familiar enough with RLV code to go ahead with his own merge. So expect to see SSA / AIS v3 appear in Kokua in a future release.

There is a test version of Kokua which is running SSA / AIS v3, but which does not have RLVa, for those who wish to test the SSA / AIS v3 functionality, which is currently running on the three RC channels in Second Life.

RLV or RLVa?

Up until now, Kokua has used the RLVa API. However, Nicky P is considering swapping to using Marine Kelley’s original RLV API, on the grounds that it maintains a closer parity with the LL viewer. To this end, he has asked anyone who is aware of anyone of performance differences between RLV and RLVa, to please comment in the Kokua 3.7.6 release notes.


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2 thoughts on “Kokua 3.7.6: Breakpad, Merchant Outbox and Voice

  1. Thanks for the post. As I read over it I realized the absence in my release post of any user instructions concerning the added inventory features. In keeping with Kokua’s ‘put the preference selection close to the activity’ the received items as an inventory folder and don’t display empty system folder selections are also in the Inventory gear menu pop-up. Here is a screen shot showing the methods of selection http://tinyurl.com/nywnd8u side by side. Also, the expanded inventory search feature was ported from Firestorm and the selection is in Inventory gear menu pop-up also. Here is a screen shot of the menu and sub-menu. http://tinyurl.com/nyxlmt2


  2. About rlv(a) and rlv, i used the 1st one till Ukando, since then all works as same but:
    I would always change my outfit via the open colar rlv sub menu, acess to rlv folder and from there wear and add (s any that uses rlv fodler knows, a folder containing +in front of its name will add the items while a folder without it will be wearable.
    Even if my rlv folder contains more then (it is true) 3000 sub folders (each outift is on specifiq folder and so on) i never had any issues when using rlv(a) to navigate, choose wear or add and change my look at any time.
    But since i moved to Ukando and to Rlv, when i try to do the same, the viewer crashes, or used to crash every time i tried, as soon as i selected the fodler that wanted to wear or to add.
    Don’t know if cause Rlv or cause of Ukando’s ,implementation, as all the other Rlv features work as well on both versions (auto tlp, relay and so on)..
    So i stoped using the feature of dressing only via rlv and as i refuse to use and save any outfit on my outfits folder, the way i change is by opening inventory, surfign on my rlv fodler and wearing or adding as my needs.
    Still, cant say if the problem of not being able to wear an outift without crashing is RLV or Ukando issue, i never bother to report it to mconnor and all the other features work as i intend.
    Besides i never mess with the rlv menu of any of the tpv’s but to make sure it is enabled.


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