Polychronies: looking upon an ancient future


Polychronies, Gem Preiz’s latest exhibition of his RL fractal artwork opened on Monday February 24th at the Le Bronx gallery. As with his recent exhibits Cathedral Dreamer, and Ride The Universe, both of which I’ve reviewed in these pages, it’s a fascinating exhibit, with some seventeen of Gem’s pieces on display across seven rooms.

As with his previous exhibitions, there is a central theme to this piece; this one somewhat a mix of ancient astronauts and futuristic science-fiction. It seems a race of ancients one populated the universe and built great temple-like structures and enormous cityscapes which have survived them. Having stood empty for millennia, these great structures now stand as an enigmatic reminder of a much older race as our own descendents reach outward to the stars. Yet who or what that race was, and how they may or may not be related to us, remains a mystery perhaps hidden in the depths of these magnificent temples.


To get to the exhibition, teleport down from the region’s landing point to the ground (Le Bronx). You’ll arrive alongside the gallery’s foyer, where you can pick-up a catalogue of paintings featured in the exhibition, which also includes the backstory. There’s also a freebie spacesuit on offer if you feel like really getting into the mood. Three circular teleports are available to transfer people to the exhibition space itself.

Here Gem’s work is displayed within a series of interconnected rooms, with two or three pieces mounted on the walls per room. Semi-transparent walkways direct you through the exhibit, passing through some of the images or through bare walls along the way.  The images themselves are truly stupendous, and Gem has done a huge amount of work to bring his pieces into SL and present them in what are effectively seamless montages up to 50 or 60 metres in length. Such is the wealth of detail, I’m not sure the pictures here are going to do any of them justice; they really do have to be seen.

Polychronies - the detail evident in the individual pieces is captivating
Polychronies – the detail evident in the individual pieces is captivating

As with Cathedral Dreamer,  a powerful feeling is evoked when camming slowly over the incredible structures displayed in each painting; the three-dimensional feel within each of them makes one long to be able to step into it, to see the tall towers reaching into strange skies from within, to look out over their majestic vistas and feel the light of the alien suns which have warmed them through the long millennia and, ultimately, step into their myriad rooms and discover the secrets they hide. In short, to truly be an astronaut explorer making the most incredible archaeological finds of human history.

Polychronies is another marvellous examination of the beauty of fractal art, and for those who have the physical in-world space, one which can be enjoyed at home, as each of the pieces on display is also available for sale.

Definitely not one to be missed.


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