Lab to announce product portfolio “simplification”

LL logoUpdate, February 19th. Linden Lab has confirmed Creatorverse, dio and Versu have all been removed from their product portfolio with immediate effect.

When meeting with members of the SL community on Tuesday February 18th, 2014, Ebbe Altberg (Ebbe Linden in SL), Linden Lab’s new CEO indicated that an announcement should be forthcoming about the “simplification” of the Labs product portfolio.

Whether this means the Lab will be divesting itself of one or more recent acquisitions or cutting items from its portfolio  – or whether it means the side of the company managing those aspects of its business is being reorganised, is unclear. In indicating the forthcoming announcement Mr. Altberg said:

I’ve already helped support some decisions of simplifying our portfolio a little bit, and there will be more news on that later this week. They won’t have significant ramifications for us with regards to resources and stuff like that, so it’s more lightening the load on our minds more so than the work we do every day, but it’ll be a little bit simplified.

I’ve very interested in Blocksworld, because it’s very aligned with what we do in Second Life, which is empowering users to create things, to share things, and hopefully over time to monetize their creations.So that one is clear to me.

Some of the other products, I’m sort-of still getting up to speed on, I haven’t even necessarily had product reviews or anything like that on those. but there will be a little bit of … a simplification of our portfolio later this week.”

It’ll be interesting to see what is announced. In the meantime, more of Mr Altberg’s comments and views given at the meeting with users can be found by following the links at the top of this piece or below.

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13 thoughts on “Lab to announce product portfolio “simplification”

  1. It will be interesting to see what they keep and what they toss, and how much developer and project manager/product owner muscle/mind can return to resolving core issues.



    1. “Returned” pre-supposes muscle was taken away from SL in the first place. Despite the widespread assumption that that is the case, there’s actually little direct evidence to support it (as Tateru has frequently pointed out in the past).

      Perhaps better to wonder if, should any products be dropped, the talent can be re-directed towards SL (which I assume could be the case were dio to be dropped, for example) the web devs from that perhaps pointed towards LL’s SL-related web properties. .


      1. Now you’ve got me wondering where any divested/dropped projects will end up. If they end up in Rod’s hands in the end, then it confirms my wackadoodle theory that he was more interested in his pet art-game projects, whether as standalone projects or somehow altering SL into a platform for them (just as misguided as M’s desire to alter SL into a business platform without fixing the stability/governance issues.)



    1. Yup, if pruning is to occur, I’d point to dio for sure, and also most likely at Versu.

      I’m curious to see if there is still a stomach for carrying the fledgling relationship with Desura forward. Of all of the Lab’s acquisitions, this seems to be the oddest fit, even allowing for possible long-term plans be which content creators from the Lab’s various platforms might leverage it, and it is perhaps the one that could best be expected to recover the cost of acquisition. Which shouldn’t be taken to mean I think it is going; there are a lot of potential pluses with Desura as well. I’m just curious.


  2. Second Life getting sold to Yahoo? 😛

    (That’d be as likely as Metacreations, the creators of Poser, selling it off to Adobe so they can invest in their new venture of animated banner ads for eCommerce… oh wait: that actually happened back in 99.)

    But seriously: I would be nice to see them spin off the ventures that were “off topic tangents” so they can get back to engaging in the things they have a better knowledge of how to screw up on. 🙂


        1. :-).

          I think you may have been perusing the Lab’s corporate pages as I was when the news broke.


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