SL projects updates 6/2: server, Fitted Mesh, misc items

Server Deployments: week 6 – recap

As always, please refer to the server deployment thread in the forums for the latest updates / changes.

  • On Tuesday February 4th, the Main channel received the server maintenance package previously on the three RC channels, which includes a crash mode fix and a fix for llModifyLand() modifying the wrong location in region, when called in a child prim. See part 1 of this report for further details
  • On Wednesday February 5th, all three RCs received a new server maintenance package, which includes a crash fix.

It seems there may not be any RC deployment in week 7. A number of things are being worked on, but there’s nothing ready for release as yet, but that could change between now and Wednesday next.

SL Viewer Updates

Fitted Mesh

As expected, the Fitted Mesh RC received a further update on Wednesday February 5th, with the release of version This update was to incorporate a further fix for issues relating to FITMESH-6 and FITMESH-20, after Latif Khalifa of the Singularity team spotted a coding error in the original fix.

Other Items

SL log-in Servers Redeployment

Coyot Linden: SL log-in server updates
Coyot Linden: SL log-in server updates

On Thursday February 6th, Linden Lab redeployed the log-in servers. The aim of this work was to bring them up to a current operating system version (the one they have been running on being some two years old). There was no change in functionality, and as the work was seamless from a user perspective, there was no blog post on the matter.  Commenting on the work at the Server Beta meeting on Thursday February 6th, Coyot Linden said the work involved

Newer versions of standard apps like webserver, caching app, etc., and all of the better functionality and security fixes that go with that. But nothing has changed about the login code or process.

This work was actually the reason log-ins on Aditi were broken ahead of the Server Beta meeting on Thursday January 30th: Aditi only has the one log-in server (as opposed to the 15 available to Agni, the main grid), and that was being used to test the update. The plan is for a second log-in server to be added to Aditi in order to avoid situation where the loss of a server prevents anyone from access the beta grid.

Vivox Work

As many are aware, there have been a number of Vivox issues (as well as FmodEx issues) affecting voice in SL.

On Tuesday February 4th, maintenance was performed on the Vivox backend which were mostly for quality enhancements for people using a recent version of the voice SDK. The changes didn’t involve any changes to the simulators, but as the updates are for a “recent” version of the voice SDK, it is questionable whether the enhancements will affect those TPVs using “older” versions of the SDK (e.g. Firestorm 4.4.2 is using an older version of the SDK, although upcoming releases will be on a par with the LL viewer).