Cocoa updates impact OS X 10.6 users

Update October 5th: The downgrade to viewer for those on OS X 10.6 has been made optional rather than mandatory, as the latest de facto release viewer ( contains fixes which address some of the issues users on OS X 10.6 were encountering. Those still encountering issues may wish to revert back to 3,6,4,280048.

Recent Cocoa updates to the Mac version of the viewer have led to problems for those running Mac OS X 10.6. Because of this, the Lab has opted to roll users on that version of the operating system back to an earlier release of the viewer – specifically version (August 20).

Commenting on the problems at the Open-source Dev meeting on Monday September 30th, Oz Linden said:

We found some obnoxious problems with the newer releases for users still on OSX 10.6. We’re working on getting them fixed … but in the mean time we decided that 10.6 users would be better off on the older version. We’ll be watching how many users it would affect, I’m sure.  Newer versions of OSX have significantly better crash rates, so if a user can upgrade, they definitely should.

Affected users should be automatically “rolled back” (so to speak) to this viewer release via the viewer update system. However, if you’re running OS X 10.6, experiencing issues and are running a later version of the viewer, you can manually download it here.