ToS Changes: in-world meeting

Update, September 30th:  My personal perspective on the meeting can now be found here.

The recent changes to Section 2.3 of the ToS have been the focus of considerable debate in the forums, in blogs and so on. The changes impact a broad cross-section of the community: content creators, those who provide content to creators (textures, etc), artists producing original works (painting, written pieces, drawings, photographs, etc), and so on.

Because of this, an in-world meeting has been planned for Sunday September 29th, at the East, West, North Galleries Ampi-Theatre, starting at 12:00 noon SLT. This will take place in text chat, rather than voice.

The East, West, North Ampi-Theatre, venue for the ToS discussion meeting
The East, West, North Ampi-Theatre, venue for the ToS discussion meeting

The goal of the meeting is to have an orderly, constructive discussion about the changes to the ToS, and (quoting from the pre-meeting notes): “to understand the situation, to agree on our interpretation, and to contemplate a next step, if necessary”.

To this end the meeting will be moderated, and a few guidelines have been set out in advance, which attendees are asked to observe, including:

  • The moderator will be Ernie Farstrider, curator of the East, East, North Gallery
  • Those wishing to speak should IM the moderator first and wait for him to give them the floor
  • Speakers should limit themselves to 5 minutes maximum if making a statement, etc.
  • Speakers should indicate they have finished speaking by ending their chat with “///”

To assist the discussion:

  • The LL ToS has been set-up in display boards around the ampitheatre, with Section 2.3 highlighted for easy of reference
  • The ToS can also be displayed via a green media on a prim screen
  • There is also a blue media on a prim screen which can be used to display a Harvard University article on “Moral Rights”

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With thanks to Foneco Zuzu for the heads-up

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  2. This really should be live-streamed, with a live (text) chat facility. There are people who would very happily do that – and it could then reach a far wider audience (and allow greater participation,


  3. Primperfect … I wish I had known about live-streaming … we had a dozen people with their noses pressed against the boundary of my region, trying to listen in. Next time we do it that way. –Ernie


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