LL launch new video – first step in “getting them back”?

Linden Lab has just launched a new promo-style video, together with a blog post, which highlights recent changes and improvements to the platform.

Playing a little on SL’s birthday, the 57-second long piece is a typical sample of recent Second Life video promotions: plenty of fast cuts and beat-laden music. However, the text inserts included with it tend to suggest the target audience is perhaps those who may have tried SL and since wandered away, rather than those who have never tried it at all.

If this is the intended focus of the video, it shouldn’t come as any surprise. Around the time of the 10th Anniversary celebrations, Rod Humble made it clear in a number of interviews with the press, some of which I covered in these pages, that one of his aims has been to try to “win back” those 30+ million people who have tried SL only to walk away; and that it is something that has been on his mind for a good while. It’ll be interesting to see, therefore, if this is a one-off, or the first step in part of a much wider campaign.

13 thoughts on “LL launch new video – first step in “getting them back”?

  1. I guess the length is my complaint. This isn’t a television spot, and they could have taken a bit of time to really explain the improvements they chose to highlight. A few before and after cuts don’t really do that. Most people aren’t going to notice that newer avatars can have materials, or know what the heck the sunshine clip was really all about. Using text instead of a voiced narration also feels like a mistake to me.


    1. I’m ambivalent on the music vs. voice-over aspect; I suspect each would have its own problems. I do agree on the length of the video, tho. I actually commented on my own SL feed that 57-seconds is, in many respects, less than a soundbite. I’d also have liked to have seen more shorts of actual things in-world rather than what feels flip a flip-book of stills.


  2. well if the white stevie wonder with a box on his face in front of a computer screen doesn’t convince then this IS your own private paradise waiting to happen, i don’t know what will.


  3. Ad was so choppy and seemed so speeded up — only image that stuck in my mind was the geeky guy on the beach — was HE supposed to make me want to return? A pasty guy?

    And I had to laugh — the v3 messy ugly chat box is a draw? I try it every once in a while but the flashing buttons and lousy layout makes me go back to Firestorm..

    I last made a new account a few months ago — I didn’t see what appears to be a mentor based welcome center. And returning people wouldn’t go there anyway.

    Agree with the above comment — this spot would have been better with a voice over.

    Oh Linden Lab — if only you understood the world. What it means to feel one’s avatar lives and wants to build IN it. If only you got the special sauce of this lovely place.


  4. Tuna is probably too expensive for LL? Can anyone read the text in that video and look at the video portion at the same time. Seems exceedingly fast. And why is shadows promoted as new? The speed of the cuts reminds me of MTV. Don’t they realize there are lot of handicapped people as well as Seniors who use SL? You got be be a Marvel Superhero with xray vision to be able to follow it. Pales in comparison to the stuff Drax does. Those vids should be front and center. Nice try Linden Labs but it’s a fail.


  5. Who thought it was a good idea to advertise “advanced graphics and better lighting” at 240P resolution? Why doesn’t LL have a contest to produce a promo vid (DRAX) for them? I’m sure you would get much better results.


  6. Okay, okay… seriously.

    If their goal is to get people back, they just need to do three simple things:

    1) Put up a simple e-mail form:

    “We’re sorry that you left Second Life. If it’s something we did, please tell us what we did wrong and how we can change it to bring you back.”

    Three fields: Email address, avatar name, and a comment box. Oh, and a Send button.

    If they want to make a video for it, fine. Film Rod Humble sitting in a chair and speaking those two sentences.

    And not reading them from a card. Or from a prompter.

    2) Read what arrives.

    3) Respond, not with words, but with actions to resolve the issues.



  7. I watched it again and found myself laughing out loud and being seasick. The latter due to the rapid flashing graphics ( do people under age 40 even know what a TV screen with static lines is? ) and the weird angles– like the shot of the woman in the purple dress from above when someone is running down stairs at her– or away . “Where’s that Stargate to OpenSim?” She says as she races away….

    And funny — the pasty guy on the beach with the words 7 improvements while he looks at his hands — with 10 fingers total — like which three are not upgraded?

    And the final howl was the guy with the rift headset on shaking his head like “what am I seeing and make it go away?”

    LInden did so much good work in the last few years— they can certainly present it in a better light.


  8. Is any got the strange feeling of a towel dropped to the floor?
    Cause LL keeps ignoring its community, not using the best they have, its remaining user base.
    Instead they are making that user base go away (Check last numbers for Inworldz and Avination alone!) and not even trying to use its knowledge (Drax but niot only Him!) or just like Crap said!
    We got kids running the show and its so sad!


    1. While I’m not, and never have been, overly enamoured with their marketing efforts, the lab believe they have a feel for what is required to promote their platform; they’re comfortable with what they’re doing, and don’t appear to be willing to be swayed from that view.

      Which is not to say that even using the skills of users engaged in the platform, things will be any better; we can all be ask bliknkered in our thinking. Nevertheless, I still believe there is plenty of talent available within SL that, were the Lab to work collaboratively with them, something pretty spectacular, campaign-wise, could be produced.


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