Virtual Ability announce IDRAC panelists

Virtual AbilityFollowing-on from the initial announcement about the 3rd Annual International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference (IDRAC), which I previewed here, Gentle Heron of Virtual Ability Inc has supplied details of the panellists who will make up the four international panels which will be held during the conference.

IDRAC will take place on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th September 2013 at the Sojourner Auditorium on Virtual Ability Island. The central theme is “Let Me In”, focusing on different perspectives about access that are of interest to persons with disabilities, and seeks to address issues of inclusion and freedom of participation.

As well as keynote speakers on each of the two days and presentations from noted experts and specialists from around the world (again, please refer to my previous post for details), the conference will include four panel sessions over the two days, in which disability rights around the world will be discussed.

The Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability Island - locations of the 3rd IDRAC
The Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability Island – locations of the 3rd IDRAC

In all the four panels comprise:

International Panel 1: Friday September 27th, 17:30 SLT

  • Roth Grut – Brazil
  • Losairam – Ecuador
  • Jens Nerido – Denmark
  • Moderator:  Svea Morane (United States)

International Panel 2: Saturday September 28th, 07:00 SLT

  • Letty Pienaar – Germany
  • Winter Wardhani – Portugal
  • JayJay Zifanwe – Australia
  • Moderator: Tom Bukowski (United States)

International Panel 3: Saturday September 28th, 13:00 SLT

  • Slatan Dryke – Italy
  • Libido Siemens – Greece
  •  jihan wonder – Egypt
  • Moderator: Blu Heron (United States)

International Panel 4: Saturday September 28th, 17:30 SLT

  • LifeSkillsWorker – Canada
  • Loquacia Loon – Malaysia
  • Kiremimi Tigerpaw – Japan
  • Zsuzsa Tomsen – United States
  • Moderator: Kopilo Hallard (Australia)

Commenting on the upcoming conference, organiser Gentle Heron said, “We are so excited! We invite you to attend the conference if you can, and tell your friends about it – bring them along! The slate of presenters is broad and varied. Presenters hail from places as diverse as Germany, South Africa and the Netherlands. Panellists come from places as widespread as Brazil, Italy, Japan, Ecuador, and Denmark.”

For full details on the conference programme schedule, including updates and changes, please refer to the IDRAC Presentation Schedule.

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